Woman stopped the robber by giving him oral sex

A bizarre case of robbery happened at a gas station in Slovakia where a woman stopped the robber by giving him oral sex.

As reported by the Daily Mail and the Guardian, an unprecedented case occurred when a 24-year-old Serb tried to rob a gas station on the outskirts of Bratislava.

The robber entered the station and demanded money, and then punched the cashier hard several times before taking all the money from the cash register.

He then went to the back where he asked another pump worker to open the safe.

As the frightened employee was opening the safe, a mysterious woman appeared who began to orally satisfy the robber, thus distracting him and preventing him from escaping.

Meanwhile, one of the employees managed to call the police, who eventually found the robber at the scene and arrested him, reports Daily Mail.

According to local media, it is still unknown how the robber and the woman got into an „intimate situation“.

All the circumstances are still being investigated.

The arrested man, meanwhile, has been remanded in custody.

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A woman at a petrol station in Bratislava stops the robber by giving him an oral sex. Now she deserves a medal! What an act of bravery!! https://t.co/1BPpvNldbz