Where was the “Yang Gang“ during Iowa caucuses? Some were waging edit wars on Wikipedia

Andrew Yang is one of the losers of in the Iowa caucuses.

Altough he developed a devoted internet following known as the “Yang Gang”, when the time came to mark his name on the ballot and drop it into a ballot box, „Yang Gang” was nowhere to be found.

People were wandering what happened with the  „Yang Gang”.

Well, some of them were waging edit wars on Wikipedia.

Someone was removing Andrew Yang from Iowa Caucus Wikipedia and „Yang Gangers“ spent the election night trying to get him back on the page.

„Techies For Yang“ tweeted about the war and their attempts to bring Yang back on Iowa Caucus Wikipedia page.

„Somebody keeps deleting the image of Andrew Yang for no apparent reason“, „Yang Gangers“ complained on Wikipedia.

Perhaps this edit war on Wikipedia sounds silly, but Wikipedia can affect people’s decisions and Yang certainly lost on visibility thanks to someone who kept deleting him from Iowa Caucus Wikipedia.

Recent study in Spain showed that simple edits to Wikipedia can change where tourists travel so it is not unimaginable that it might affect the way people vote in elections.

However, Yang was abysmal in Iowa, voters simply rejected him and he now goes for one more try.

Yang plans to pack in 20 town halls across New Hampshire to meet and try to win over as many Granite Staters as he can.

After the disaster that was the Iowa caucuses, Yang was one of few Democrat willing to say what this failure reporting issues in the Iowa caucuses, of the Democratic Party actually meant.

“I feel for the Democrats and the people of Iowa, but the fact is this was really an avoidable error that shot the party in the foot, and it’s going to be harder to convince Americans that we can entrust massive systems with government if we can’t count votes on the same night in a way that’s clear, transparent, and reliable”, said Yang.


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