It all started as a joke, when two developers said: “Let’s launch a fun and idiot-proof cryptocurrency based on memes” Thus, Banano was born!

“Banano shows you what actual digital currency is all about, and it's super easy to introduce new users to it. It's just fun all around...”

-Banoshi Nakanano

Banano has a very cool website with multiple projects running, it has different integration tip bots, the memes are dank, and their official wallet is a joy to use.

BANANO revolves around a simple idea: to make using cryptocurrencies effortless and to have fun doing it. 

BANANO enables users to get started with cryptocurrencies, without spending a penny, nor worrying about losing money or getting hacked.  That being said, BANANO really does have a value.  Currently the price is a fraction of a dollar per coin, market cap is negligible with a top of room to grow.


Since launching its main net, Banano experienced a big growth in its Discord number of daily users, with many of them coming from Venezuela. With a USD price of Banano standing at 0.0022$ at that time, 786 Banano accounted for a Venezuela’s minimum monthly wage.


Putting it into perspective, the first airdrop earned each user an average amount of 20,000 Banano. This is more than 25 months of full-time work in Venezuela. Playing the Banano runner games can earn you around 1,200 Banano an hour. By playing for one hour, a Venezuelan could have earned MORE than the country’s minimum monthly wage.

On the 25th of May, a Venezuelan user from the Banano community named Mayrapina was given 10,000 Banano and was told to buy food with it and document the process.

Mayrapina message from the following day: “Hiiiii, This is the list of things I could buy with the 10,000 bananos: 2Kg Root 1Kg Tomato 1Kg Onion 3Kg Banana 1Kg Papa 1Kg Rice 1Kg Corn flour 1Kg Varied fish 1Kg Sugar 1Kg Meat varied 2Kg Assorted Grains 1 Pack of cookies 1 Cereal flakes 1/2 Kg Margarine 1 tomato sauce 1 Cream of rice 2 Bath soaps


Banano also contributes computing power to medical research. With BANANO Miner, instead of wasting power to “mine” a cryptocurrency, you help scientists doing medical research around the world to fight diseases.


Although it started as a joke between a devoted group of NANO contributors, BANANO resulted in a coin that puts a considerable amount of effort without taking itself too seriously.