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Rabbi struggling with Zoom as he tries to teach Torah online and 5 more live streaming fails

San Antonio Rabbi Levi Teldon drawn a lot of laughs on social media with his “Zoom fails” as he struggles to teach Torah online.

While on a video-chat with his disciple Alan Yancelson, his kids are seen running around the house or just casually playing tennis in the background.

Sometimes they even climb on his head.

When kids are not distracting him there are other problems.

On one occasion instead of computer headphones he mistakenly grabs his gun range headphones wondering why there is no sound coming from them.

Sometimes he just forgets which day it is and starts the wrong lesson which is understandable to everyone who feel that every day looks exactly the same during quarantine.

„This is what happens when Alan Yancelson and I try to study on Zoom… a little comic relief“, wrote the Rabbi after sharing his compilation of funny “Zoom fails”.

He is one of many people who are brave enough to share their video streaming fails online thus making us laugh during these days.

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This is what happens when @AlanYancelson and I try to study on Zoom… a little comic relief.

Recently boss Lizet Ocampo was hosting a video meeting with her team when she accidentally turned herself into a potato. Without knowing how she activated the filter, she couldn’t change it back and so remained a potato for the duration of the call.

She told Junkee she had downloaded the filter for a virtual happy hour they had planned on Zoom later in the week, but when she logged onto Microsoft Teams on morning of the meeting she was very confused to find the default filter — the now iconic potato — had switched on.

“We had a great laugh and proceeded with the meeting. Meanwhile I was trying to figure out what was going on. I turned off the camera a few times. I end up giving up and just finished the rest of the meeting as a potato,” she explained.

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my boss turned herself into a potato on our Microsoft teams meeting and can’t figure out how to turn the setting off, so she was just stuck like this the entire meeting

As video conferencing tools like Zoom continue to dominate our coronavirus-created work, school, and social lives, clips like these will just keep popping up.

One of the first posts to go viral since everyone’s been working from home involved a huge breach of privacy.

A woman, who was unaware that her camera was still on, used the bathroom while listening into an ongoing work call. When she heard her colleagues’ reactions, she realised what had happened and quickly turned the camera away. To make matters worse, someone (presumably a colleague within the call) shared the incident on social media. The original post, which was viewed more than seven million times, has since been removed.

Recently a video showing a pantsless men just wandering on a video stream also caused some laughs.

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“Hey babe I think we got this working from home thing down 👍🏽”30 min later…

When it comes to video streaming fails, there is also a case of googly-eyes priest where someone who was in charge of live-streaming his church service knowingly or unknowingly used a funny filter on the priest.

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So apparently whoever was in charge of live-streaming my brother’s church service knowingly or unknowingly used a googly-eyes filter on the priest.

While all of the examples above are mostly innocent and funny mistakes, one new phenomenon of “Zoom bombings”,  in which hackers or others disrupt meetings to yell obscene comments, became so widespread recently that even DOJ officials reacted announcing Zoom-bombing raids could lead to arrests, fines, and even prison sentences.

Professor started a petition against Zoom after being „Zoombombed“ by racist trolls

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