This is why Gab’s Twitter account “turned off” replies to tweets

Every now and then, someone from Twitter’s competitor, presumably Gab’s founder Andrew Torba will log onto Twitter, and decide to poke fun at his competitor.

Gab’s Twitter account was very active in a past few days, as this networking website appears to have capitalised on the recent Twitter ban on US President Donald Trump following the Capitol insurrection for violating companies’ policies.

Gab is popular among far-right groups and the suspension of Parler from Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store has further boosted the traffic on Gab, which has build their own servers because they were already banned from all the fancy big tech platforms.

Gab’s official Twitter account recently gloated in a tweet that Twitter shares dropped in first trading day after Trump ban.

Many noticed that Gab has locked its Twitter account from replies, by restricting who can reply to their tweets.

Some commented this is not in accordance to their „free speech“ narrative.

„Tried turning on replies as a test and my mentions were flooded with demonic communists. Lesson learned. Comments off so you’re forced to quote tweet and signal boost me. Plus no commies in my mentions. Marketing 101“, explained someone from Gab’s official Twitter account why replies are disabled.

When Twitter introduced a new feature where you can decide which people are allowed to respond to your tweets they marketed it as a way to restore calm and civility to Twitter feeds who tend to be cyberbullied.