This is the weirdest thing ever done while drunk: Sleeping man from Belgrade

A lot of people have done weird things while drunk, but it is hard to top a man from Belgrade who climbed on a bridge and fell asleep there.

To make things funnier, he wasn’t showing-off his climbing skills – he just wanted to go home.

Apparently, while he was crawling home inebriated he wandered from the footpath and climbed to an arch of a bridge.  

The only explanation I can find is that he was to dizzy to realise he was crawling upwards.

And then in one moment, he just decided to rest for a bit.

After seeing a man sleeping on the bridge, passersby called the police and firefighters.

The man was sleeping so tight that not even the police sirens could wake him up.

As people were gathering beneath him and patrol boats were deploying under the bridge, firefighters used an excavator to climb beside the sleeping man.

 Only when they began to take him down, he awakened.

According to Serbian news media, he was surprised and wondered what is happening.

After the firefighters explained where they have found him, he smiled and thanked them for saving him.

This is a video from the Serbian news showing this amazing event which happened seven years ago

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