These badass women climbed out the wings on the plane to drop bombs on Nazis

For those not in the know, Night Witches were Russian women bombers who bombed the shit out of German lines in WW2.

Thing is though, they had the oldest, noisiest, crappiest planes in the entire world.

These planes were so noisy that to avoid alerting the Germans hearing them on their approach (and risk facing their anti aircraft guns), these Night Witches would climb up to a certain height, turn off their engines, coast down to German positions, drop their bombs, and hope that the engine would start up again.

Sometimes if the bomb would be stuck, they would climb OUT ON THE WINGS OF THE PLANE, to give it a push, then climb back in and get the the hell out of dodge.

Their leader flew over 200 missions and was never captured.


Women pilots.

Women pilots killing Nazis.

How is this not taught in every single history class ever?

Source: Wikipedia / FB / Washington Post / / The Museum of Flight

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