These are the stories of Americans who lost their jobs due to pandemic

As fallout from the coronavirus pandemic hits the economy, it’s slamming the American workforce: Some 18% of adults reported that they had been laid off or that their work hours had been cut, a new poll found, according to

People who lost their jobs are sharing their stories on Reddit.

These are some of them.

„I was laid off indefinitely from 2 different hourly paying line cooking jobs on Monday(~50hrs combined/week). I helped clean out one of the restaurants Wednesday. We discarded a lot of stuff. I helped clean out all of the coolers and throw away a lot of prepped food that people didn’t/couldn’t take home. Employees we’re encouraged to take what they wanted; produce, dairy, meat etc. The place is almost completely empty, it’s surreal. My spouse was laid off indefinitely Wednesday. She manages a restaurant and is salaried w/ benefits (~50hrs/week). She was told that management will not be paid until the place reopens. Our family currently has no work or income. We have a young child. These are very uncertain times“, wrote one Redditor.

„My job as a barista was shut down for safety and because nobody is coming in, anyway. And my summer job (teaching kids how to swim at a sleepaway camp) is cancelled because the camp decided not to open. While I’m not in danger of losing my house or starving, I am now unable to afford to continue going to college next semester“, wrote another Redditor.

„I’m a substitute teacher. If you are aware that most schools are closing if they haven’t already, then that should explain why all subs are now effectively unemployed. It’s unlikely that schools will return during this situation, so yes, thousands of people are out of work just from that alone. Subs don’t make salary, so any employee who is hourly or paid by day now needs to scramble.“

„Not my story but my boyfriends best friend is a singer. He sings at resteraunt/bars but they’ve been closing down and people haven’t been going out to these places so he can’t do his gigs anymore. It’s his source of income. So I know he’s taking a hit.“

„I was laid off from my 5 year graphic design job, working for a screen printing and promotional products company. About half of our business involves schools, sports, and events. Obviously none of that is happening currently, so our business has stagnated. They are going to try to operate with a skeleton crew for the next couple months. The hope is to bring everyone back eventually, but I’m not optimistic.“

„I was in sales trying to get businesses to send employees to public workshops at hotels. We normally had 30-60 people at each workshop. Not the hottest thing out there now due to covid19 so they fired 20 people yesterday and kept only the top 5 guys. They said they will rehire us again after business resumes normally.“

„I do web development and IT management. My company makes fabric decor for events and festivals. You know, the things that nobody’s allowed to do right now. I’ve seen the company soar in the time I’ve been there. January was our best month ever, pulling in more than three times the amount the place was pulling in the month I was hired a few years back. We had twice as many requests for quotes on new projects in February as we did in December. We were crushing our records left and right. And then it was all vaporized in the span of a couple weeks as one festival after another was canceled, and event throwers canceled their orders for our products.”

“I was laid off Monday, along with the marketing agent, sales manager, and several members of production. We’ve been told that when things are looking up again we’ll be the first people called back, but that’s going to be a while. The CEO is hoping for May. I’m thinking July is more realistic. I’m signed up for unemployment, and I’ll be looking for work (because you have to in order to collect unemployment benefits), and I have a pretty good balance in my savings account. I’ll be OK for a few months, although I did just have to cancel/postpone a refinance on my house. But I’m scared and anxious, and I’m grieving. I love my job. I really enjoy the work, I’m proud of what we do, I like my co-workers and I love my team.„

„I was a server looking for a new job before this all began. i got a job secured at the zoo (an amazing dream job for me and my personality) but the day before i started at the zoo, they shut it down for the coronavirus fears. then they shut down my serving job too.“

„My mum and I lost both of our jobs at roughly the same time. We were in the process of looking for and buying a house, but now with no income we can’t. We’re also getting kicked out of the house we’re renting because the landlords are refurbishing, and with this virus going around it’s not the best time to move.“

„I’m a bartender. I wasn’t working Saturday or Sunday but was watching other places post on social media that they’d be closing for the time being. On Monday, a few hours before I was scheduled to go in, the city declared that sit-in restaurants should only serve take-out and that bars should close, so I spent a while with the owner packing up all the alcohol before we were all laid off in order that we could start collecting EI. I was a regular there for years before I started working there after finding it in its first week open, and it’s been open almost as long as I’ve lived in this neighbourhood. I’m the longest-tenured bartender at this point. It’s really fucked up to think about the place potentially not coming back.“

„I work for an eye doctor and they just had a really slow couple months after Christmas and had already cut down our hours. The doctor cancelled all appointments and has essentially closed down. She told us she has business interruption insurance which she originally thought would cover us all, but after several days of back and forth with them it’s totally still unclear if we will be covered and paid. In which case she will lay us all off and we must collect unemployment. I am hoping to know as soon as possible so I can file for it ASAP. I also filed for my tax refund 5 weeks ago and it’s still not come so I’m a little concerned. Actually really concerned but I know there’s nothing I can do. I’m hopeful I will be called back to my job after this but can’t be sure.“

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