Suzuki Swift went airborne after hitting roundabout, overturns the Pope statue

Suzuki Swift driver luckily stayed alive after a horrific accident in Rąbień in Poland.

As Poland’s media reports, this happened last Easter Sunday.

He entered the roundabout driving dangerously fast which catapulted him all the way to the courtyard of the Church of the Annunciation on the other side.

Whole situation was captured by a surveillance camera.

Video clearly shows 41-year-old driver did not brake at all when arriving at the roundabout, but continued straight and took off into the air.

“Firefighters helped pull a man out of a crushed Suzuki after which he was transported to a hospital and it is believed the driver was intoxicated,” local authorities said.

„His car flew through pine trees, overturned the Pope statue and stopped in a courtyard belonging to the Annunciation Parish in Rąbień. It is a miracle that, although in serious condition, the driver was still alive”, said the member of Rąbień Fire Department Volunteers, who first came to the rescue.

Niebezpieczny wypadek

Policjanci wyjaśniają okoliczności zdarzenia, do którego doszło w niedzielę po godz. 18:00 w miejscowości Rąbień. 41-letni kierujący wjechał na nasyp…

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