PERHAPS FIRST TIME EVER: Stephen Colbert And Trump On The Same Side Of Of A Policy Issue

Stephen Colbert

Trump is right

Since Donald Trump took office, talk show host Stephen Colbert has emerged as one of the most prominent critics of US President, but in the latest episode of „The Late Show“ the unthinkable happened.

„Thank God, Trump is our President“, said Colbert commenting on Trump’s handling of the possibility of war with Iran and the fact that Trump firmly said he does not want war.

Even though Colbert said „I know this will never be used Out of context“, clearly suggesting that he meant it as a joke, this was one of the rare situations where Colbert and Trump have a same opinion about a policy issue.

„In this case, Trump is absolutely right here“, said Colbert, who couldn’t sustain at taking a swing at the President adding; „and if anyone knows how not to go to War, that is Donald Trump“, alluding to the fact that Trump avoided the military draft 5 times.

To overcome bitter feeling of "being on the same side as the President", for the rest of the show, Colbert was taking swings at others Trump's policies.