Social networks in 2020: Review of Amino, will it rise?

If you love  nerdy stuff and want to find like-minded friends online, perhaps you should try out Amino social network.

This is a growing community of nerds, anime lovers and K-pop fans who post their thoughts and wild ideas on this networking app.

If you wonder what’s next in social networks and is there something new and emerging in social media landscape for 2020, then Amino could be the answer.

Altough Amino started way back in 2014 some believe that this network will explode in 2020.

According to Alexa traffic rank, in January of 2020 Amino ranked 1,881 in global internet engagement. (After he invested in Youtube, Keith Rabois said that he checked Alexa daily to see Youtube’s progress. When it cracked the top 35,000 sites, he knew that was a big deal.)

As someone already noticed, Amino is what Reddit would look like if it was born in the mobile era.

Amino is organized similarly to Reddit, but has the emotional, nerdy attitude of Tumblr, it is much more aesthetically pleasing.

Perhaps this is the best from the gigantic list of Reddit clones. It has millions of active users across multitude of communities.

For example, Anime community on Amino had 2,3 millions of users in January 2020.

In Amino, you can choose between topics like NBA, Poetry, Subcultures, Comics & Superheroes, Food, Travel, Reading and much more.

I spent one afternoon on Amino, trying to get a hang of it.

I decided to join a group called „Mythology & Cultures“ just to get the feel of what discussion is like on this network.

When I joined, this community had 30,232 members.

People there were discussing topics like: „If the deities played video games, which ones would they play?”

“Would they buy the expensive consoles and gaming PC’s or would they stick to their phones? Would they use mods?“.

Someone thought Hermès would play running games, Ares any fighting game, Apollo guitar hero and Artemis hunting games.

The discussion about gods went on to questions like „What if gods became youtubers?“ to which someone responded that Athena would do sporty vlogs with karate and a bunch of generally athletic stuff along with tips and tricks, while Aphrodite and Hera would be mainly centered around make up and life hacks, and would have regular drama on who’s prettier.

While posting, Amino tries to cheer you up with funny messages

I decided to post in some communities just to see how responsive people are.

As soon as I posted a riddle in one of the communities, someone tried to solve it so we chatted a little until I got bored.

What I like about Amino is the creativity of the members, they truly have some interesting discussion, however, the community is still small compared to Facebook, Reddit and 4chan.

Although you can find interesting posts and questions that will spark your imagination, my impression is that Amino still does not have a large and diverse enough user base.

Most conversations will end up to quickly.

It is hard that you will find a post on Amino that has thousands of comments like you will on Reddit. 

In Amino your reputation varies from community to community. For example, after I posted cool photo and some text in Anime community, I quickly gained a bunch of followers.

However, I soon realized that I had zero followers when I posted a poem in a poetry community.

In every community you have to build your followership from scratch.

After that I googled Amino just to see what is out there. I noticed bunch of articles saying that Amino is increasingly popular amongst teens and kids, but the app is far from being safe.

Allegedly, there is violence, profanity, drug, and tobacco references, as well as, sexual content.

I did not notice any of these, however, I spent only one afternoon on Amino.

Nevertheless, problematic content can also be found in the outskirts of the big social media, so this could just be another sign that Amino is rising.

Try to remember what parents were talking about Facebook in the first years.

And this is what they are saying now about Amino.

What parents say about Amino

“PREDATOR APP!! Don’t let your teens near it. This app is very addictive and has devastated our family.”

“My 12 year old son enjoyed chatting with others who he thought enjoyed similar interests and writing stories was slowly introduced to role play chats that moved into mature language and sexual content and was told to lie about his age and to hide this from his parents. Obviously, this app is not safely monitored for children. We do our best to educate and monitor their internet actions but I learned how easy it is for good kids to be targeted and slowly sucked into participating in a way that is not of their usual character.”

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