Remember that guy dragged off from United flight? Now the taxes he was paying his whole life will be given to the company that treated him so badly

Remember David Dao Duy?

He was that guy dragged off from United flight in 2017.

Somebody filmed it all and the whole world saw him screaming and kicking while being thrown out of the plane.

He suffered a concussion, broken nose and lost two teeth in the process. Waking up in hospital, he did not know his story had gone viral.

When he first saw the video footage of him being dragged down the aisle, he just cried.

He is a doctor. He pays his taxes.

Now the government is going to give all the taxes it collected from him to the airline company that treated him so badly.

David is perhaps not too worry about that as he sued United and won a nice settlement, but he is not the only taxpayer that was thrown out of the plane.

After his case went viral, it was publicized that just in that year in the US, about 15,000 passengers were involuntarily bumped from flights.

And all of their money is now going to be given to the airline industry.

That makes some people angry.

Video shows a passenger forcibly dragged off a United Airlines plane

A passenger was forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight by law enforcement on Sunday after refusing to give up his seat. According to a person who say…

President Trump pledged a bailout for companies hit by Coronavirus pandemic, leaving no question about which industry would be first in line.

“Airlines would be No. 1,” the president said. “You go from having the best year they have ever had to having no passengers because of what we have had to do to win this war – and it’s a war.”

Opinions about the bailout are different.

Recently, Twitter user @KeziyahL went viral for highlighting how unfair and unreasonable it is to blame people in need for their own struggles, but not doing that that to a billion-dollar company struggling to keep itself afloat during the Coronavirus crisis.

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Many believe that it is unfair to give bailout to companies.

Rather than using their profits from the past five years to pay off debts and save for a rainy day, the big four — American, United, Delta and Southwest — instead grew their combined liabilities to $166 billion, all while spending $39 billion on share repurchases, writes USA Today.

One employee in the airplane industry pointed out that these companies are draining their workers while giving huge bonuses to the executives.

He works for a company that makes structural parts for Airbus, Boeing and Embraer.

„We have been bought up by an American investment group, which wants to sell us for profit. Since that time, there were only stringent measures placed upon the emplyoees, lots of firings, while the remainder is forced to work twice as hard due to “unexpected” managerial blunders and incompetency„, commented this netizen adding „Let the industry die“.

On the other hand, there are those who believe big airline companies should be saved.

They argue that if an entire industry fails, hundreds of thousands will be put out of work.

“These companies have thousands of employees who buy their stuff in the local grocery stores, they hire local babysitters and dog sitters, they rent apartments, they pay taxes, and if these companies fail, whole community will suffer”, pointed another netizen.

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