Protests: America is only – the first

After the corona moved to the southern hemisphere, northern part of the globe, especially the one we commonly politically call the West, is hit by a seemingly new pandemic.

A pandemic of protest and chaos.

Is this “the new normal” that was announced?

And how did it suddenly, overnight, the danger of the corona ended in the countries that were most affected by it, such as the United States, Italy, France, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands?

Until few days ago, no one could take to the streets without a valid reason.

Due to the danger of infection with the virus, a two-meter distance was mandatory.

And then all of a sudden it’s like there’s no corona anymore and no one cares about distance.

Mass protests are becoming a new trend.

The United States is far ahead in this new pandemic.

Protests launched across America after a video documented violent police murder of black American George Floyd in Minneapolis and soon escalated into a wave of riots and looting.

The main political target of the protesters in this pre-election period is, as expected, President Trump.

It is interesting that among the protesters are those who until yesterday were the sharpest critics of his demands to re-open the country to prevent economic collapse.

But the protests, which started as a statement against racial discrimination could also bee seen as anti-systemic movement, as an announcement of revolution, even as an internal war against America and its legal structure.

For example, a young black American, Jeremiah Ellison, Minneapolis City Councilor and son of K. Ellison, Minnesota Attorney General (who is also prosecuting D. Chauvin, the police officer who killed Mr. Floyd), told protesters that he will soon “disband Minneapolis Police Department, and the city council chief confirmed his intention, promising to replace the police with a “transformational new model of public safety” after the dissolution …

What is the message to the system and the rule of law?

Among protesters are those who just want to express their hostility towards the state and its system.

They are not calling for dialogue and change, some just want to incite disorder calling for revolution.

While America’s biggest rivals in the global arena, China and Russia, are openly rejoicing in the riots and revolutionary events in America, old Europe, which from the beginning was politically averse to Donald Trump’s management methods, is quietly rejoicing.

But Europe is also getting its own versions of the protests.

Echoing American protests, protests against racial discrimination began to take place across Western Europe, organized by the political left: from London to Amsterdam and Berlin.

In Paris, which like most French cities, is extremely vulnerable to racial or religious protests (numerous Arab-Islamic communities from former colonies, often very hostile to the French state and European norms), recent protests evoked the memory of French black man Adam Traore, who died last year after a police arrest.

For the time being, wave of protests has bypassed Central Europe.

In Budapest, only three, allegedly American citizens responded to the call for protest. One reason is certainly less sensitivity to issues of racism because Central European countries have not directly identified it as a problem.

And the other is a certain recognition of the revolutionary Bolshevik methods behind the protests.

And these methods are well known to the countries of Central Europe.

In addition to the protests, imported from across the Atlantic, old Europe is also getting its own internal protests.

There are protests of “orange vests” (following the example of the French “yellow vests” in 2018/2019) led by former carabinieri and politician Antonio Pappalard aka General, which look like right-wing anti-systemic protests against the government of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, nut there are also protests against Bill Gates, 5G network, censorship under the guise of “fake news”…

When the consequences of the closed economy begin to pay off, we can expect a post-pandemic awakening of their older brothers, the French “yellow vests”.

And many, many more protests with different occasions and different intentions.

“New normal” could mean – people on the streets.

With the always big question: who is managing the protests and how to prevent them not to outgrow into fire, destruction and revolution?

America is only – the first.

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