Pope vanishes into thin air during live broadcast amusing the online world

A video showing what appears to be a Pope vanishing into thin air during live broadcast recently swept the internet.

The illusion is probably caused by skipped frames while transmitting a video via satellite, but it inspired netizens to make Pope related memes and some to theoreticize is Pope sick or dead.

Why so suprised, surely a priest of his rank and level knows a simple teleport spell”, joked one netizen, while others were quick to pile on with their imaginative theories about Pope vanishing.

„Might be a projection? Too busy with other things or they only could manage him to audiorecord.“

„They turned the hologram machine off a tad early.“

„Pope is a hologram – CONFIRMED!“

„What if its a projected image of the pope or a deep fake, and the pope is ill/dead?“

There were many funny reactions to a vanishing Pope clip.

„Reptilian Holo-Pope“

„He used a protection spell against the virus and teleported away“

Check out some Pope vanishing memes…


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