Political activist lashed out against Democrats after their promise of “$2,000 checks’ becomes $1,400”

Political activist Kyle Kulinski lashed out against the Democrats after many blue Georgia voters expressed feeling betrayed after not getting two thousand dollar checks – something that two new Democratic senators from Georgia Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff campaigned on.  

When the Democrats ran in Georgia, their main argument was: „We’re gonna get you the two thousand dollar checks. If you vote for us, you get the two thousand dollar checks“, said Kulinski, adding that this promise now became 1400 USD under Biden stimulus plan.

In his rant, he pointed out that many people voted for Democrats because of the two thousand dollar checks promise.

Kulinski quoted a man who knocked on doors for the Democrats.

I was on the ground and I knocked on over a thousand doors. At the doors, I was literally telling people two thousand dollar checks. You can rely on this. I’m a man of principle and morals and I feel like I lied to them. I was lying to them the whole time, I was lying to people that were relying on this. At the time I didn’t know it was a lie, but it was not the reality. This is pretty much a betrayal of the working class.

Kulinski added that Democrats could easily secure 2000 USD checks, but they decided to give people 1400 USD, and it is not even sure whether this will be fulfilled.

„If you’re the President, you could say „we’re gonna do the two thousand dollar checks, we’re gonna do it through budget reconciliation, and we’re gonna pass it. You’re gonna pass it in the House because it’s overwhelmingly Democratic. You’re gonna pass it in the Senate because it’s 51 votes. Kamala breaks the tie.  I’m telling you in advance that if they get nothing they’re full of sh..t“, warned Kulinski.

Georgia Voters Feel BETRAYED By Dems On $2k Checks

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