Photos that capture the essence of Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic

As the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic spreads around the globe, “people are panicking“ – ignorance and intolerance are causing some to attack Asian people blaming them for the virus, waves of panic buying are leaving the shelves empty across the world, panicked toilet paper hoarders get in physical fights in supermarkets, some are trying to profit from the panic bumping up prices of face masks and hand sanitizers…

These are the photos from all around the world capturing the essence of 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.  

Social distancing
People going shopping in hazmat suits

Madi Kyle on Twitter

Florida man goes to store in hazmat suit

At gun shops, firearms and ammunition are flying off the shelves

The JZ Flair Show on Twitter

The world has officially lost its mind! #toiletpapercrisis #ToiletPaperPanic

Dr Elisabetta on Twitter

My blood has frozen in my veins. The air has been punched out of my lungs. Italian Army transports ~60 bodies from overwhelmed Bergamo to Modena and Bologna for cremation. #Covid19

Police raids a warehouse in Makati for allegedly hoarding supplies of face masks, surgical gloves, thermometers and other medical equipment
The co-founder of marine conservation group OceansAsia shows some of the face masks that have washed up on the beach of Soko Islands in Hong Kong
Price Gouging

Jay Taters 🧢🍟🥔 on Twitter

@realDonaldTrump You see this? Two children and two adults were stabbed at Sam’s in Midland, Texas, bc ppl associate Asians with the coronavirus. Calling it the Chinese virus encourages fear and racism. I will hold you personally responsible for every hate crime here on after.

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