I’ll start this adventure with my first intervention. It is not something, but it will show my inexperience.

In the beginning, when I started my police career as a trainee, I had the opportunity to work with a large number of colleagues. All sorts of them.

During the war there was a there was a shortage of cops in Zagreb. Cop courses worked nonstop, but those who finished them were usualy sent to the battlefield.

When I was in a police academy, they prepared us to “meet” the dead. Teachers (mostly experienced cops) have been telling us their stories, and were taking us to autopsies.

Hostage situations aren’t common in our country, which is perhaps surprising if you take into account how many people have PTSD, and how many of them illegally possesses weapons,

Story of Jackie Arklöv

Nationalism is first and foremost paranoia. Collective and individual paranoia. As collective paranoia it results from envy and fear, and most of all from the loss of individual consciousness