Ongoing war between politicians and face masks

While addressing his nation about coronavirus restrictions and easing of lockdown, South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa President awkwardly pulled a colourful face mask and struggled to wear it, making him another victim in an ongoing war between politicians and face masks.

Other casualties of this war were Florida governor Ron DeSantis who apparently cannot find his ears to put on a mask correctly so he puts his mask on sideways – and Prime Minister of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Fadil Novalic who accused the media for his downfall, saying that it was unprofessional publishing a video of him struggling with face mask before press conference.

Perhaps this rising trend of politicians falling victims to face masks explains why US president Donald Trump recently refused to wear a mask despite Center of Disease Control’s guidelines.

Here is a new material to conspiracy theorists – smarty pants epidemiologists from the WHO ordered everyone to wear masks to undermine governments around the world by putting world leaders in awkward position – forcing them to demonstrate publicly their inability to perform simple human tasks such as putting a mask on.

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