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“Number of ads you can show has been limited”: How long this will take?

If you are blogger and your new website just got Adsense approved, most probably you will get a mail with this line  „The number of ads you can show has been limited“.

The reason is because you have a new Adsense accout and Google needs time to evaluate your traffic and your website.

Ad serving being limited doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t show any ads, it just means they will only show a limited number of ads while they are assessing your traffic and content quality.

Some pages may not show ads, and other pages may still show ads. 

In some cases, the website won’t show any ads. There is no way to appeal this.

Even Google will tel you that it can’t say how long this will take.

In my particular case this lasted for three months, specifically 90 days before I started seeing the spike in ads showing on my site.

You have to be patient and just continue to make quality content.

Just continue to improve your website, make quality content, and make your guests want to visit you again.

Do not worry about limited ads, the limitation will ultimately be lifted if you’ve done nothing wrong.

New users are usually are eager to start making money and they often engage in various schemes that can only make them be banned from AdSense.

Avoid fraudulent behavior, like AdSense click exchange which is something a lot of new users are prone to do as they are nervous to start making money fast.

Do not post on social media begging for clicks, because Google AdSense exists to make money for Google and the people behind the Google AdSense program are working hard to stop publishers defrauding their advertisers out of their hard earned money.

If you use fraudulent methods to increase ad revenue, Google AdSense will most probably discover what are you doing and it will ban your account.

And do not click on your own ads on purpose.

To qoute a colleague blogger from, „if you click your own AdSense ads you are a complete and utter moron, give up any hope of ever making money online, you are too stupid to be successful and shouldn’t even be allowed Internet access!“

But, do not panic if you clicked your ad by accident.  

If it was just one or two clicks, then don’t worry about it.

As a colleague from says; „in 15+ years of using AdSense I’ve obviously accidentally clicked AdSense ads while working on my websites, but not often. Google tracks Google users IP addresses and since I’m almost always logged into my Google account (which is linked to my AdSense account) I know those accidental clicks are ignored.“

I myself have accidentally clicked on some of my ads while the limitation was in place, but I saw that Google simply removed this clicks without much fuss.

Even in Google they understand that accidental clicks may occur, so don’t worry, just continue to improve your site, hang on for few months and you will soon see your ads blossoming.

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