No more handshakes amid coronavirus fears, but player in England is just caught spitting at an opponent

„True. I’ve never played a soccer game where I didn’t spit into an opponent’s mouth to assert dominance“, commented one Twitter user sarcastically after someone else noted how it’s comical that English football clubs have cancelled pre-match team handshakes as a precaution against Coronavirus, bet then decided to let teams play the game and jostle for the ball for the next 90+ minutes.

Although this tweet was meant to be funny, it seems that some footballers in England actually live by that motto – one of them is just caught spitting at an opponent.

The video is published on the official Twitter page of AC Milano, football team competing in Essex Combinations League – London, whose player was on the receiving end of the latest spitting incident.

„There’s banter and things said between players and certain things that can be accepted on a football pitch BUT spitting at the opposition player is definitely NOT one. Credit to the players for conducting themselves in the right manner especially after this disgusting incident“, said the club in their statement on Twitter in which they attached the video of the unsportsmanlike conduct.

This incident is much more controversial as it comes amid fear of Coronavirus and announcements that a number of English clubs are banning even simple handshakes among players.

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