Middle East

The Israeli Onion, a Satire Site for the Middle East. The Mideast Beast (TMB) is an openly known satire and dark comedy news site that deals with any current news topic on and/or related to the Middle East


The Rising Wasabi is Japan's premium satirical news publication covering the latest from the land of the rising sun and current events from around the globe.


Junk news website World News Daily Report, dedicated to publishing satirical and fictional content.

Funny Australia

The Chaser are an Australian satirical comedy group.

British satire

Online satirical news from the website that the New York Times declared was the British version of The Onion.


Waterford Whispers News (WWN) is an Irish satirical news website run by Colm Williamson and based in Tramore in Waterford, Ireland.


Leading Indian Satire and Funny Fake News Humor Site". This is a pretty accurate description.


Much of the material focuses on the UK and the USA. Located at the top and bottom of every page is the link “satire,” which leads to this description of their central purpose that reads in part: “Satire is the last bastion of free speech, and when that is diminished, we will know that Western society as a whole has taken a turn for the worse.”

Faking News

News satire website of India.


Satire News site with funny fake news articles, humor, and good jokes. No pop-ups, single page articles, all funny no filler.

The Spoof

The Spoof is one of the leading satire newspapers on the internet. Providing an irreverent and satirical slant to the current big news stories throughout the world


Satirical news meets Sport Illustrated. The site itself never comes clean about its comical intentions, but the answer is discoverable through a Google search and on other watch dog sites confirm that this is an entertainment site. People who seriously follow sports can probably figure this out on their own.

All the latest news parody and political satire across the globe. Find satirical news from Australia, Middle East, Europe, United States of America and more. Read fake, parody, and misleading news from around the world.


Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, SoraNews24 is a bilingual news blog. Since their humble launch in 2008 they’ve built a massive fan base by reporting the interesting, strange and random. It is not satire, just funny and weird