New social networks to boost your blog and video traffic in 2021 and easy ways to get clicks

If you are a content creator of any kind on the Internet, be it writing blogs or making Youtube/ TikTok videos, you may be struggling with a question that worries many creators, especially newcomers, those who just started writing and editing.

The question is “How to get clicks?”

What are the best ways to distribute your YouTube videos or your blog posts across the Internet?

You should sprinkle your links all over the digital world – the more you share your content, the greater the chance your video or your blog post goes viral.

Besides sharing your content to as many Facebook groups as you can, there is plenty of places to post and get more eyes on your content.

Here are some more ways to promote your content to a large audience.

Make money tweeting

Of course, the obvious choice is Twitter – a viral tweet can get you a lot of clicks.

When the tweet goes viral, it reaches hundreds of thousands of followers, retweets, and likes.

Actually, you can make money from a viral tweet without promoting your content, you can make some money on Twitter just by sharing, and reposting memes.  

As Blake Forbes college student from Austin, Minnesota who runs the Twitter account @BirdExecutive explains, sometimes he gets paid when his tweets explode.

He posts jokes or a clever play on words, and if the tweet goes viral, a brand might contact Forbes to do a promotion and pay him about $30.

Forbes has done about seven or eight promotions, netting him around $200 for posting memes.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a way to make a ton of money, it’s just extra,” Forbes said. It’s mostly about “having fun on Twitter and getting some money as well.”

Make money through memes

 If messing around on Twitter is not your thing, you can earn easy money on Instagram.

I saw a post on Reddit where a guy bragged how he opened an Instagram account, populated it with oddly satisfying videos he scraped across the net, and he garnered a ton of followers.

After that he started posting content sponsored by brands – many unsubscribed but the majority didn’t bother with unfollowing him, and he continued to make a nice side income.

You can populate your Instagram with memes, pick some niche memes, open an account on Instagram, and try it out. This teenager was making $4,000 a month reposting memes on Instagram — until he got purged.

Once you become Instagram famous, besides sponsored content, you can become an affiliate marketer selling other people’s products, or even an entrepreneur and sell your own products and merch. Internet is a crazy money-making machine.

Be degenerate

Degeneracy is priced higher in today’s world, if you want to make money with a low effort just do something crazy, film yourself, and post it to Twitter, Reddit, Facebook.

Remember that a girl who licked the toilet in the „coronavirus challenge“ earned thousands of dollars in a span of a few hours.

Just hold your stomach in as everyone is calling you an „idiot“ and wait for the sweet money.

Even Pewdiepie drank his own piss for views.

Is Steemit dead in 2021?

Besides sharing content on social behemoths like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and Reddit, there is plenty of other social media sites where you can promote your content.

Crypto blogging platform Steemit which launched in 2016 made waves when big-name libertarian users began to make thousands of dollars per post, but its heyday was short-lived.

Steemit recently migrated from its own Steem blockchain to the Tron network and it has a lot of problems.

Today’s Steemit will certainy not make you rich quickly – in 2020 there was talk about theft of tokens from users.

The platform still has issues with signing up, one of the first Google results when searching for sign up problems is „How the holy h*ll to get a steemit account?“.

What made Steemit attractive was a promise that bloggers will be able to earn money from upvotes by getting Steem cryptocurrency, and even though the platform is having hard days perhaps you should try it to get some clicks, but be prepared to be disappointed and disheartened.

Earn crypto while blogging in 2021

Another platform that offers a similar promise as Steemit is Pocketnet. Like Steemit, Pocketnet is a cryptocurrency project, it’s a content platform similar to Steemit, but more decentralized.

For Pocketnet there is no corporate entity associated with the project.

As Mark Arguinbaev, a young cryptocurrency entrepreneur wrote, „Pocketnet is one of the only projects he has seen that prioritized building a product first“.

The team actually has a working product with a bunch of users, but even now they are more focused on building rather than pumping the price of their coin – POC. This means you still have the opportunity to be among the first wave of users to become part of Pocketnet. Think about it, STEEM’s valuation was once at over $125 million, with Pocketnet not being on any exchanges there is no real valuation yet. Becoming a content contributor on the platform you are able to get rewarded in coins that aren’t available anywhere else. In a time when Bitcoin is surging, Pocketnet platform, which brings the foundations of Bitcoin to the world of internet platforms, is certainly attractive. Pocketnet’s blockchain is based on that of Bitcoin. When you post an article, essentially a transaction is created on the blockchain with the content data being imprinted. The website is essentially a node that’s running a front end interface. The team is working on a desktop app that you can launch and interact with Pocketnet without the need of using a browser or entering any URLs. Moreover, this is where Pocketnet differs from Steemit.

According to their whitepaper:

“Since Pocketnet lacks any corporate entity that needs to earn a profit, all of the value created is shared with two broad sets of ecosystem participants. They are creators of content, operators of nodes as well as developers working on the project.”

On Pocketnet you make an account, make a post, and if users rate it 5 stars you get some POC tokens as a reward. The better content you post the more ratings / rewards you will get. Essentially it’s a decentralized and uncensored content platform. When it comes to interacting with the website, your login is simply a private key converted to 12 words. If you forget that key unfortunately you lose access to your account and all your POCs.

Open-source aggregation platform

Another social network where you can earn some clicks on your video or a blog is Ruqqus. Ruqqus promotes itself as an open-source platform for online communities, free of censorship and moderator abuse by design. It is more conservative biased at the time when many conservatives to any new ‘free speech’ social media.

Free speech social networks

When it comes to ‘free speech’ social media, you could also try out Gab. Gab had a surge of new users in 2021, mainstream media writes that known for its far-right and extremist userbase, but if you are mentally stable enough not to believe everything you see on the Internet, you could try to post there and get some clicks. I would strongly encourage landscape photographers and beauty bloggers to post there as some nice photos and blogs is something Gab desperately needs to balance out their tone.

Just be wary that you don’t become a „believer“ in a „cabal“ that is abusing, torturing, and killing children, and harvesting the chemical compound adrenochrome in the process.

The last thing we need in this world is beauty bloggers and landscape photographers going around telling everyone Clinton is eating babies and that the proofs are everywhere on the Internet.

Twitter clone

Another social network that you could try out is Mastodon. MastodonMastodon looks like Twitter at first glance. Users can post 500-character messages called “toots” (a name chosen by an early financial backer), repost or “boost” messages on their own timeline, and follow or privately message other users. I never had any luck there, but perhaps you get some clicks.

Definitely try sharing your content on Medium. There are about 1.4 million new articles posted on the microblogging platform Medium every month, according to Forbes.

Get thousands of clicks for tech blogs

If you are a tech blogger or a tech Youtuber try sharing your links to Hacker News (Y Combinator). I gained thousands of clicks in a day there, but after being too spammy I got shadowbanned. I still cry inside on some days.  Learn from my mistakes, do not be obviously spammy, try to act like a normal tech-savvy guy, read some article, you could actually learn a lot there. But then, when you gain their trust after posting a serious tech article, stab them with the pointy end of your poorly researched wannabe tech post.

Earn money by asking questions online

When we are talking about social sites that shadowbanned, suspended, or deleted me, try out Qoura. Neil Patel claims you can attract 9872 visitors from Quora in one month. Quora is a site that allows its users to ask and answer questions. These questions can range from hypotheticals, business-related, or story requests. It’s a lot like Reddit in the sense that you’ve got an upvoting system and the higher ranked your answer, the more people will see it. Now let’s say you are a history fan and you wrote a blog post or made a video about Gaius Julius Caesar, ask a question on Quora like this – „This Youtuber claims Caesar was stabbed 13 times, is that true?“ and link your video under a question. Neil Patel says Quora is a massive source of referral traffic, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that some creators are creating content with a preplanned super question that will blow up on Quora. But as with Hacker News, I would recommend you should first test the ground – ask some silly questions to see what goes up, what stays buried, learn the system first, and then start sprinkling your links EVERYWHERE.

Share your photos and get clicks

Don’t forget Pinterest. It is best for cooking bloggers who write about recipes. Some claim that it is possible to get a decent amount of traffic from Pinterest, but you should share beautiful photos or thoughtful recipes. In case you were wondering, the most popular pin of all time on Pinterest is a recipe for cheesy garlic bread, with over 91,000 pins and 12,000 likes, and the woman who posted it is now running a successful business, she is hosts multiple blogging conferences, appears on TV, and has up to 3 million page views per month on her blog and has an active group of dedicated followers on her social channels.

A Facebook lookalike

There is also, an open source social networking platform that uses blockchain to reward the community with ERC20 tokens. It is interesting synonym that Daryl Davis, the black musician who befriends and converts Ku Klux Klan members joined hoping to utilize this platform, founded by Bill Ottman and John Ottman, to educate people on how to conduct civil discourse. Minds is surprisingly similar to Facebook in layout and features, though Minds isn’t a simple clone of Facebook. The site’s home page is a news feed, with tabs for browsing images, videos, blogs, and groups at the top of the page. This is a privacy-oriented social media platform “Minds,” often touted as an antithesis to Facebook and Twitter, and has grown considerably in the last period. It has millions of users, so it could be useful if you want to jumpstart your Youtube channel.

Posts appear chronologically

Social media service MeWe, also has benefitted from conservatives’ frustration with how Facebook and Twitter police their content. On MeWe there is no newsfeed manipulation, meaning that each post from those a user follows will appear in their timeline chronologically, unlike other social media applications. Go out there and try to get some followers who will enjoy your content.