New features to combat trolling on Instagram

TV show „TOWIE“ star Bobby Norris is certainly one of the people who will be glad with Instagram  implementing a series of new features aimed at combating trolling.

He has been tirelessly campaigning to convince the government to make online trolling illegal.

As a gay man he is a target for trolls who have been calling him vile names in the comment section for a long time.

Few weeks ago battered star took to Instagram to take on the trolls who had hurled abuse at him during an instagram live interview with Love Island star Amber Gill, writes

Despite being targeted by trolls for a long time, messages as vile as “Gay boy kill yourself man!” still make him sick to his stomach.

“The irony is I can’t believe I am still shocked anymore, considering I’ve been campaigning for trolling to made a crime over a year and a half. What I have just experienced has been disgusting. The amount of trolling I received is beyond shocking, like, vile to the core. Every derogatory word you can think of for a gay men, I have been called. I have been annihilated for my sexuality, for the way I look. I can’t believe that with every thing that is going on in the world right now, people still think “let’s go and troll someone.” We’re in the middle of global pandemic. What is going on?“, he said.

As the abuse continues to pour in, Bobby made a public plea to bring about new legislation to make trolling illegal.

Posting varying examples of the disgusting comments he was receiving, he said: “PLEASE help me put a stop to trolling once and for all and show your support for”

To help people like Bobby who face problems with trolls, as part of its anti-bullying efforts, Instagram  today announced a series of new features aimed at helping users better manage negative comments as well as highlight positive ones.

The company says it’s rolling out the ability for users to delete up to 25 comments at once, and also block or restrict multiple accounts at the same time. After testing these features the company claimed that it enabled users with a larger following to maintain a “positive environment.”

As Grmdaily reports, Instagram now also gives users more power over who can tag or mention them in a post. People can choose if they want everyone, only people they follow, or nobody to be able to tag or mention them in a post, caption, or story. This will also help get rid of unwanted bots in the comments. This tool can be found on the Privacy settings page.

Additionally, the ability to pin comments to the top of a post is being tested. People can pin multiple comments too, similarly to how YouTube allows comments to be pinned to the top of the comments section below videos. This allows creators to highlight positive conversations on their posts.

All of these features are likely most useful for people with significant followers who could be targeted by random users, but the company says the tools are also intended to “fight online bullying.”


„Is there anything more cowardly than having some idiot hunched over their computer or mobile phone firing out vile comments at people they have never met. Of course there isn’t. It’s possibly the most tragic thing any person could ever do. However, these sad, deluded individuals have this groundless belief that by being abusive online gives them a sense of power. It doesn’t. It merely shows them to be exactly what we know them to be – a meaningless irritant and an absolute irrelevance. Even though trolls cause people a lot of heartache and anguish, we all basically know that ultimately they have little to offer the world, have few friends or followers and that the vile words that spew from their finger tips are the result of their own deep rooted insecurities and self-loathing. But still that’s no excuse for these people to get away with causing so many innocent boys and girls pain and it’s about time a law was put in place to punish heartless online bullies who cause people of all ages mental health distress or worse, drive them to taking drastic action.

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