Mountain Of Trash Beneath The Earth’s Surface

When a group of speleologists went on to explore caverns near a city of Ljubuski in west Herzegovina, they discovered a pyramid of trash in one of the caves.

It seems that local residents for generations dumped their trash in an open hole in the ground, thus making a mountain of waste beneath the earth’s surface.

„We found retro carts from the 80’s, scrolled through someone’s secret diary from 1977, discovered old documents, driving licenses and many other things. The cave keeps secrets, but not forever“, speleologists wrote on their Facebook page.

They took some mesmerizing images of the trash pyramid underneath the ground.

Their photographs reminded everyone that caves in Balkans are still often used improperly as places for throwing trash.

Many said that this is just another proof that much more must be done in raising awareness about the importance of preserving caves and caverns which are fragile subterranean worlds but are quite often forgotten and polluted.

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