Most searched „keyboard smash“ is sdsdsdsd

Have you ever smashed your keyboard onto a Google search bar and then „googled it“? 


Given the vast number of Internet users around the world, I expected that there has to be a lot of weirdos like myself who sometimes did that, out of sheer boredom. If we assume that there was enough people randomly banging on their keyboard and then searching Google, then there has to be a list of most searched „keyboard smashes“. However, I couldn't find such a list, so I decided to conduct a little experiment, and was able to find some of the most searched „nonwords“.

I knew that „keyboard smash“ is a well-known phenomenon, and even though it produces a seemingly random and unintelligible string of characters, it has some patterns.

Gretchen McCulloch, who wrote book „Because Internet“ discovered that keyboard smashes almost always begin with “a,” often begin with “asdf,” and almost never include numbers or letters of different cases — they’re either all uppercase or all lowercase.

In fact humans banging on keyboards tend not to be very random, and with that in mind I expected that some keyboard smashes repeat more than others thus forming a „keyword“.

So I tried to discover what are most searched „keyboard
smashes“ by “keyboard smashing” onto Google trends. 

My first couple of smashes 
produced no results. I smashed „errehrjfsadsads“, „hzzdsfsdsfdsfs“,
„trtrtssfsvd“, „ydsdsasv“, and every time Google trends responded „Hmm, your
search doesn’t have enough data to show here.“

But then I hit a jackpot.
After I smashed „sdsdsdsd“ I got this result.

I continued to smash onto my keyboard.

Dfsgdhrj, htzjzgktkkg, gjgfdfsdwade, rrddhfgc, fsrsddsafsg, seeaewat, adadfrtrg, seawdat, ADADSGDH, ADADSGDH, dsaddsghfhjf, ADWRSZFJGKH, afrdhfjuzuo, ADRREHZFJUGKZU, HHZSFDGR, jiiioftft, rsgthzfjzkj, sfsgdhzi, aerttrztru, astrutizo, ghjhukho, afdtruztiz, rerzrut7iz, seftruti, dtjtutrdfder, sdefftu, rgdtzuzoz, xzrutizl, sfsteztruu, ysfreztruzti, segeis, fdkzpo9up, srewr5u5, asdrwtrez, adadsagrez, aferzu7, getzuo, dhtoizou, sgru7io, dstrut6, dgreztu, dtrerzru, zuizuiz, 5i7s, gez6rti, dftutizu, jtiziozou, jttoi8z, rdtruztiu7, rdgrtrtz.

Al those smashes produced no results. 

But then I typed „hutiti“.

After that i contunued to slam the keyboard.

fjfuzzti, dhtitzuo, jztjtti, jztztizu, uztutzi, dzru7ti, gttuzuz, ftztrutu, hztjuzuzt, zzu6u, fztru, fruzii7, dzztiuz, dtuuztizi, ziiuoizuo, dtrztrzutu, zuozozu, rtrdzi, tdztruiz, ftruzizi, fduztii, produced no results. 

Then i slammed „kizuo“.  This even sounds like the real word. Perhaps it is. It sounds like something japanese, but I do not know what it means. 

After that i smashed „gfjzukzulzulo“, „ftjfu“, „tuzizti“, „ztktizti“, „giztiztit“, „tuzizi“, „dztruti“, „gkukzuo“, „zjuizuzu“, with no results.

„uzti“ was my final keyboard slam and it produced the folowing result.

I compared uzti, kizuo, hutiti, and sdsdsdsd. It turns out that most searched „keyboard smash“ is sdsdsdsd.

If you are bored on the Internet, feel free to conduct your own experiment.

I would be happy to hear your results.

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