Make Germany great again!

Russian diplomats claim that the Ukrainian strategic PC game on the topic of the Second World War glorifies Nazism.

Russia’s UN mission in Geneva has criticized the just-released computer game, in which players are expected to lead Nazi Germany to a “bitter-sweet victory,” where Hitler is seen holding a military parade in Moscow.

Diplomats vehemently criticized the war game “Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg” on Tuesday, saying it “glorifies Nazism and international criminals convicted by a Nuremberg tribunal”.

A Twitter post featured a screenshot from an in-game cinematic video showing Adolf Hitler standing next to Lenin’s mausoleum in Moscow’s Red Square with Nazi leaders.

The game was made by the Kiev company Starni Games, and was published last week. The player will, according to the description of the game, during the 80-hour campaign, “lead the German armed forces, overcoming unimaginable prospects, after which he will achieve a bitter-sweet victory in Europe.”

It is a war game on the move, which also has a story that “contains many historical figures” such as Erwin Rommel and Nazi Germany (Luftwaffe) air force leader Hermann Goering.

Some battles are historic, but others create an alternate reality in which the Axis Powers ultimately win in Europe.

No matter how the creators of the game view Nazism, they seem to have made some comments about current affairs related to their game.

Another cinematic video shows Nazi generals mocking the Führer behind his back for incompetence and taking credit for their success.

“The most important thing is that we can make Germany great again,” is one of the slogans, referring to the campaign slogan of Donald Trump.

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