Leafy returns to YouTube to call iDubbbz a „cuck“

After he disappeared from the site almost two years ago amid sustaining serious follower loss, in part thanks to an iDubbbzTV notorious “Content Cop”videos against him,  controversial YouTuber Calvin Lee Vail known as LeafyIsHere returned to Youtube calling his online nemesis a “f—ing cuck.”

First two videos Leafy posted after more than two years of inactivity were aimed at iDubbbz, whose real name is Ian Carter and who is at the center of ongoing YouTube drama because he’s supporting his girlfriend’s sex work.

First video Leafy posted is a 30 seconds clip taken from iDubbbzTV video, followed by his voiceover saying “Dude, you’re a f—ing cuck“ and second was a montage conveniently called „Content cop“ mocking Carter.

His videos racked up million views in a matter of days, indicating that he still has a fanbase on the platform.

“Can’t believe iDubbbz both pushed Leafy away and brought him back”, wrote one Youtube viewer.

„Leafy, crawling out from his underground crevice after years: Simp“, commented one user reffering to a social media storm against iDubbbz, whose fans are calling him a “simp” due to his relationship with his girlfriend.

“Simp” refers to a man who puts himself in a subservient or submissive position, performing some kind of perceived groveling, to win over a woman.

Leafy criticized Youtube

Amid throwing jabs at Carter Leafy also left the message “YouTube is still sh*t” on the screen reminding everyone on his comments about leaving the site.

He claimed he disappeared from the platform because “YouTube itself was just becoming worse and worse over time.”

Leafy argued; “The monetization yellow things were frustrating to deal with. There were so many changes… the entire platform was turning.”

Now he is back, after uploading two montages about DubbbzTV, he uploaded another montage from h3h3Productions where husband and wife duo Ethan Edward Klein and Hila Klein shared their opinions about Leafy’s return.

„The content he was making would never fly on Youtube today. You can’t even curse, bro“, commented Ethan, to which Leafy simply replied „You are a fat, disgusting piece of shit“.

If the first three video Leafy posted after his return on Youtube are any indication, it seems he will be uploading simple montages followed by his short takes.

– YouTube

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IDubbbz  received backlash of his own in March after fans began to make memes about him being a “simp” over his girlfriend selling private photos. 

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