Kenny Rogers once outplayed Michael Jordan

Not only Kenny Rogers was a gifted musician, but he was also good at basketball.

So good that he once made Michael Jordan look like the rookie.

After the news broke that Rogers, whose legendary music career spanned nearly six decades, has died on Friday night from natural causes, some remembered that time when Rogers clashed with Jordan on the court.

„Kenny Rogers once scored on Micheal Jordan. Enough said“, wrote Matt Jones from Ky Sports Radio and shared a video from the 80s.

It was a strange time, a pre-internet age when people, even famous people, were doing and saying embarrassing things, most of which ended up disappearing into the ether.

Thankfully, a video showing how Kenny Rogers outplayed Jordan on the court was saved and wounded up on YouTube.

This happened at the 1988 edition of the Kenny Rogers Classic Weekend, a three-day fundraising festival held at Kenny Rogers’ Beaver Dam Farm near Athens, Georgia.

The weekend featured a lot of musical performances, some tennis, a little golf, and, since it was in Georgia, fishing. But none of that matters, the moment everyone was talking about was when Kenny Rogers pump-faked Michael Jordan so freaking hard!

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