A survey conducted among users of, currently the largest incel forum in the english incelosphere provides interesting insight into how incels think.

Even though generalizing can be a bad thing, as incels come in all shapes and sizes, results show that most of them are deeply unhappy middle class young men who live with their parents, don’t have friends and often think about suicide.

They constantly feel anxious and stressed out by a lack of sex.

Despite being stressed out, they do not turn to addictive substances to fill a void that not having sex leaves in their lives.

Many of them had negative childhood experience.

Although they gather online in forums where they vent their frustrations, in real life they don’t go around telling people about their inceldom.

Many of them say that no one in their real life knows that they are incels.

They fantasize about plastic surgery to look better, about finding a partner and having kids.
They think media doesn’t portrays incels fairly as they don’t believe that incels are dangerous.

Survey was conducted in October 2019.

It was answered by over 550 active users of the forum (officially registered as a support forum for men that are unable to get into any sexual or romantic relationships despite trying).

Three responses were from females, and have been excluded from the graphic for the purposes of keeping the data relevant to the forum demographic (males).

The data shows that most of the people who gather on forum are young men between 18 till 30 years old (77,8 percent).

They are either employed or studying or both (77,8 percent), and most of them live with their parents (68,2 percent) and they mostly belong to middle class  (59 percent).

People on this forum are mostly from North America and Europe, and 56,1 percent of those who participated in this survey are white men.

They seem to lead a healthy, drug-free life. When asked are they addicted to any kind of drugs (e.g. alcohol, pills, pot or hard drugs), 85,7 percent answered that they are not addicted.


In religious terms most of them are atheists or agnostics (67,9 percent).

Almost half of them hasn’t “got out of their closet”. In real life they do not go around telling people that they are incels, as 48,7 percent of them answered that nobody around them in real life knows that they are incels.

Only 20,5 percent of them rated theirs childhood experience as positive.

43,8 percent of them had negative childhood experiences, while 35,6 rates their childhood as neutral.


They are mostly normal in terms of weight (58,5 percent see themselves as normal weight), and only a part of them have some disorders and deformities like lazy eye that impairs normal interact with other people (25,2 percent).

Vast majority (64,5 percent) of them have never kissed a girl, and 77,5 percent of them never had sex.

Most of those that had sex, had it with prostitutes. If we extrapolate the data, we see that out of 546 incels, 123 of them had sex, and out of that 123 who had sex, 35 of them had it with a non-escort.

Some (14,7 percent) even had romantic relationship, which is an information that triggered some other members of the forum.

One of them commented “What are those people doing here on this forum who have had sex and romantic relationship”, and the other simply stated “It makes me sick to see that more than 1/3 kissed another person”. After the data was published, some members of the forum were being accused of being „tall fakecels“.



Vast majority of incels who participated in this survey (73,9 percent) believe that their situation as incel is being permanent, while 26,1 percent of them still believes that they can break their inceldom.

They see themselves as discriminated because of their appearance.

87,3 percent of them answered they were discriminated because of their looks.

Majority of them (60,5 percent) considered surgery for purely aesthetic improvement, and 8,2 percent of incels who participated in the survey sad that they already had aesthetic surgery.

They are unhappy with current state of affairs, 73,5 percent of them is pessimistic about their future, 85,8 percent of them say they are not happy.

74,4 percent say they are living in a constant state od anxiety, stress or emotional distress.
67,5 percent of them considered suicide in a serious manner, and 69,5 percent consider suicide in the future if “things dont change”.

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18 thoughts on “Incel statistics: Deeply unhappy middle class young men who live with their parents”

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  2. I’m 52 years old. And not had sex in 15 years. I just want fuck any woman. All I can get is old dried up women or fat chicks. Who the hell wants that. Women are the cause that men like little girls or being gay. Women need to get real and look in the fucking mirror.

    1. Women need to look in the mirror? XD

      Read what you wrote. Take your own advice.

      Blaming women for male paedophiles? Nope. There’s this little thing called personal responsibility, see. The only person responsible for a paedophile is….go on, guess. I’ll wait.

      The answer is: the paedophile!

      As for people being gay, homosexual behaviour exists in every animal species except those that do not reproduce sexually. It’s a normal expression of sexual orientation for a minority of all those species, including humans, and there’s nobody to “blame” because there’s nothing wrong with it. Or do you blame women for those “gay” animals, too?

      Sounds to me like you could use a hug, and to shift your focus from hatred to something more constructive.

  3. I think what you can take away from this survey is that there is a chunk of male society out there that is feeling left behind, and whenever a pendulum shifts to far one side it has to swing back, something weird will happen with this “Incel” population within the. Ext -0 years.

  4. This dont surprise me at all as an Incel you can use common logic and pin points the number am glad its just out there in pie form for other to see the truth is tje westin world where we treat females with equally and respect has caused them to gain power and abuse it now there an emblances the female will be tricked my the dominant asshole and evantully more horrible people will be born, i just hope the next gen of horrible human at least can use there small brains and perhaps be one more with nature instead of controlling it to benefit the population.

  5. Incels are the worst. Mostly paedophiles and mysoginistic losers who think they’re entitled to sex. They are the lowest form of life.

    1. Actually the lowest forms of life in terms of morals would be any person with a dark trait above 50 as that would be you’re whole gentical line so in terms of you’re limited understanding in short death to you and you’re entitle family line… Remember you’re parents got together because 1 of them as an idoit and the other a pump and dumb why you think so many single mothers

    2. Not all men are ass kissing little boys to women. The losers are the ones that settle for any woman who pays attention to him.

  6. A lot of incels struggle with systematic abuse in either their household or at school. Dysfunctional families and childhood trauma are ubiquitous. Incels weren’t just rejected by society- often they were battered by it. Everyone acts like incels are incels by their own volition, when in reality incels are made by external factors. Exclusion and isolation is a fate worse than eternal hell. Makes me sick.

    1. James E Adams III

      1) Prostitution is not sex trafficking.
      2) Most incels have not had sex with prostitutes.

      Get your facts straight.

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