Internet convinced that Bernie won and that he is cheated…

Democratic primary election night in Iowa will be remembered as an event of confusion and embarrassment as Democratic Party officials have released only slightly more than 60 percent of their caucus results, after  a daylong delay sparked by technical problems.

Incomplete results show that Bernie Sanders is ahead in the popular vote, and yet Pete Buttigieg leads in delegates which sparked some conspiracy theories on Twitter, Reddit and 4Chan.

Everybody is talking about the voting app crash, the fact that Buttigieg declared victory before the results were public and how Buttigieg’s campaign contributed money to the technological firm whose voting app contributed to reporting delays in the Iowa.

-Dems use electronic app
-App shows Bernie with early lead
-App suddenly “crashes”
-App found to be created by former Hillary staffers
-App found to be funded by Buttigieg
-Buttigieg claims to have won before anybody knows the results
Yeah, nothing to see here….., wrote one Twitter user.

How to understand the Iowa caucus:

1. Bernie Sanders gets the most votes
2. Some very sensible math is done
3. Pete Buttigieg wins“, wrote another Twitter user.

Wow, stealing Bernie’s thunder! Holding off results and releasing 62% that put Pete as the winner while ignoring the 38 most progressive precincts„ commented another Bernie supporter on Twitter

On 4chan and r/The_Donald  subreddit pro-Trump fans were making fun of Bernie Bros implying that their candidate was cheated again.

Meanwhile on r/Pete_Buttigieg subreddit top post was defensive, screenshot of a tweet saying that The Iowa caucus is led by old white volunteers.

„What is more likely, that they rigged the entire primary or they had trouble with the app.“

Fox News reports that it was still not clear when the party would release the complete vote totals.

A Buttigieg campaign source told Fox News that the preliminary and incomplete results confirmed that Buttigieg performed well in key rural counties.

Senior Sanders adviser Jeff Weaver, meanwhile, told Fox News the campaign was “gratified that in the partial data released so far, it’s clear that in the first and second round, more people voted for Bernie than any other candidate in the field.”

Julie Smith 🌹 on Twitter

So @PeteButtigieg has an advisor that is married to the woman in charge of this Shadow debacle? AND in July 2019 Petey paid that company 21k twice for rights on that very app that malfunctioned in Iowa? #MayorCheat

psileste on Twitter

Notice how the media were clamoring for results, then when they got the 62% they were satisfied with that. I haven’t heard any complaining about not getting the rest. I haven’t even heard anybody bring it up as a topic worthy of discussion. #IowaCaucusDisaster #IowaCaucus

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