Infected employe of EU Delegation escaped from hospital, after he was arrested he jumped out of ambulance

Employe of EU Delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina who tested positive for coronavirus has been arrested after he led police on a wild chase through the streets of Sarajevo.

It happened yesterday afternoon.

“At 15:47 o’clock, the Second Sarajevo Police Directorate was informed that one person had walked away from the Isolatorium of a clinic facility in Podhrastovi and that he was positive for a coronavirus,” said Mirza Hadziabdic, spokesperson of the Police Directorate of the Sarajevo Canton.

After a few hours police officers found the fugitive in the old part of Sarajevo.

They then had to call a specially equipped ambulance team with protective suits to bring him back to the hospital.

He didn’t surrender easily. After he was put into the ambulance car he tried to escape again.

He used the moment when the ambulance stopped at the traffic light, jumped out and ran away.

Police had to intervene again and we has arrested for the second time.

Johann Sattler, head of the EU Delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina said he is deeply disturbed by the events caused by a member of their team.

The man is taken to EUFOR base in Butmir, Sarajevo.

This is not the first reported case in Bosnia and Herzegovina that persons infected with coronavirus escaped from an isolation facility.

Two coronavirus-infected individuals fled an isolation facility in Banja Luka at the end of March.

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