How to make money? Editing Wikipedia page results with 160,000 euros of additional revenue per year

When planning a trip to a foreign country, most probably the first thing you will do is to „google“ your potential destinations.

Let’s say you saved up some money and you want to visit Spain.

You will definitely „google“ some cities in Spain to help you decide where you want to spend your holidays.

As Wikipedia is on top of most google searches, it is very likely that you will end up on Wikipedia pages when deciding which city to visit.

If the Wikipedia page of a city you considered to visit is very short, with just the basic of information about the place, you will conclude that there is not much to see there and you will continue to „google“  further in pursuit of finding a place to stay.

Perhaps you personally don’t function in that way, but most people do.

This is confirmed by a research conducted by four Spanish scientists who discovered that cities with richer Wikipedia pages attracted 9 percent more tourists then cities whose Wikipedia pages had just basic information.

What are the implications for the local economy?

For Spain, the data shows that each international tourist spends about 101 euros per day on average.

This suggest that improving a city’s Wikipedia page can lead to approximately 160,000 euros of additional revenue per year.

So if you are renting your apartment on Airbnb or Booking, you should open a Wikipedia account and edit your city’s information in multiple languages, you should add all the cool places tourists might find interesting in your town.

Not only that this could help yourself personality but you could help your community.

You can read the research HERE

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