How it is like to work at big companies like Google, Facebook or Siemens: „Darkest days of my life”.

Getting a job at a giant tech company is a dream come true for most people, but there are always those who end up being disillusioned.

Some of them decide to anonymously share their unflattering opinions about their companies on websites such as Glassdoor or Seek.

These are some of the unflattering reviews posted on such sites (expanded version).

One former Software Developer at Google posted his/her review anonymously on Seek with the title: “Bizarre cult like organisation; if you are in to that kind of thing you’ll have a great time, otherwise run, run away.”

He/she clarified that the challenge for him/her was politics; „everyone is in their own silo“.

Another disgruntled employee wrote that there is no work/life balance.

„I have seen way too many of the following: marriages fall apart, colleagues choosing work and projects over family, colleagues getting physically sick and ill because of stress, colleagues crying while at work because of the stress, colleagues shooting out emails at midnight, 1am, 2am, 3am. It is absolutely ridiculous and something needs to change.”

These are just the worst of the reviews, most of them are actually praising the company, so everything suggests that these are the views of a handful disgruntled workers.

Disgruntled workers can be found in any company.

Someone of that profile left a review of Facebook on Glassdoor saying “Seemingly exciting but mid management is composed of a bunch of kids”.

Another man who claims to have worked at Facebook full-time for more than 5 years explains working here as “Good and the Bad. It really depends on your team”.

„There is a small minority of leftist that can be loud and push activist agenda’s that are in your face. While my own goals can align (leftist) I don’t like their approach. This is just society creeping into the corporate world and is seen across Tech in general. It can be toxic and extremely disrespectful. You might find more of this at Facebook due to the nature of the product“.

Another reviewer titled his take on Facebook with “Meh, it pays the bills” and then added „Facebook is the worst thing to happen to humanity since smallpox“. His advice to management was: „Stop being money-grabbing scumbags living off of human propensity for self-immolation.“

“I worked at Facebook full-time for more than a year”, wrote another reviewer who gives an advice to potential future employees: “Unless you abide 100% by their culture, you can’t be happy.”

„This means you are not allowed to even question their principles. If you think something needs to be fixed at the root cause, you are in trouble, because you need to Move Fast! The company over-focuses on the short term speed rather than long term. I was lied to multiple time by management. I was told my rating depended on the reviews from my peers, but then when the perf came, I realized it is 100% up to the manager regardless of what your peers say. My manager told me constantly I was doing great, then perf came and because I questioned the principles, I had a bad rating“, wrote this reviewer who claims to be former Facebook Engineer.

When it comes to bad reviews, someone who claim to be former employee of Hewlett Packard wrote: ‘Egotistical Company that believes its own hype to the detriment of its customers’ adding „After working there for over 10 years, I can’t really say there is anything outstanding about them“.

Another reviewer described Hewlett Packard with ‘ITIL gone wrong.’

“A lesson in where not to work” wrote one supposedly former Project Coordinator for Hewlett Packard in Australia.

On Glassdor someone left a review for Hewlett Packard titled „”Going down in flames”.

Under pros of working at Hewlett Packard, it simply stated; „Cant really think of any.“

Another reviewer summed up the company in one word “Stressful” adding: „The company is always changing, management is always changing, very challenging to feel successful. If you want culture… don’t come to HP. You won’t find any.“

At least it is not ‘Disheartening and confidence destroying“ which is a title of a review someone left for on Australian site Seek about Nestle.

On the other hand, Nestle reviewer on Glasdoor complained about “gossip and backstabbing” explaining that „everyone gossips behind your back and gets you in trouble easily, supervision is lacking compassion, not much room for growth.“

When it comes to H&M, most spiteful review in Australia has its share of spelling errors. It is titled  ‘Never again would I work for such a disoragnised dismal company’.

On Glasdoor someone else described Nestle as a “Company going downhill” with the explanation: „No work life balance, allows customers to walk all over us, clothes are boring and going downhill“.

Someone who presents himself as a former Senior Consultant for Siemens in Australia described his work experience as the “darkest days of my life”.

On Glassdoor, supposedly a former employe of  Siemens wrote something similar.

“Some day we’re like a jail sentence”.

Someone who claims to worked as „Technical Helpdesk Support“ at Apple in Australia wrote; „Met the love of my life during my time working there, nothing positive to comment on regarding the workplace“.

Interior Designer for IKEA described this company as ‘Great if you have no design aspirations’.

Mercedes Benz apparently had its share of disgruntled employees. Someone described Mercedes with the sentence “Zero Hope for this Company that Refuses to Change” ranting „the worker base is completely demotivated and, mostly, miserable in their jobs, which creates a really negative and unhealthy working atmosphere. If you are a millennial or other younger person in the workforce, you are not welcome in this company, despite what the company purports. Newer ideas, thoughts, and beliefs are also not welcome; only those people who will adjust themselves to the status quo will fit in at this plant.“

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