Hardened Heart


I became a man that fears to come back home.

That is why, on these empty streets I roam

Walking around, so disturbingly slow,

Troubled because I have nowhere else to go

That is why I drink beer, till the bar is closed

And listen to all the boring people I meet,

Letting them lecture me unopposed,

Desperately trying to avoid my own defeat

In the darkest night, I sneak through the door

and feel relieved seeing, she already went to sleep

ignoring peace offering, left next to the kitchen drawer

I crawl under the blanket, feeling like a satan’s creep

While I’m trying to breathe, as silently as I can

I am thinking how Pride is the worst sin known to man

I remember the harsh words that were hollered

and the storm of silence that soon followed

In this storm of quietness, now I am choking

Not able, a spirit of forgiveness, to start invoking

And it feels like the hardest thing is to say „I am sorry“

As the sky outside is frowning upon me, looking so damn starry.

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