Happening Right Now

As you are reading this, the Earth rotates on its axis, hurtling us through space at nearly 1700 km/hr.

Our planet also orbits the Sun at right around 30 km/s, and despite all of this spinning we live our everyday lives unconscious of the fact that we are rocketing through space.

In this very second many are staring at screens, laptop’s screens, TV screens or smartphone screens.

Most of them are googling. Every second around 63,000 people are hitting the “enter” key or search button on Google after just typing in their queries.

Vast number of people are currently occupied with Facebook.

If you post this article on Facebook in the next second, you should know that at around 900 people from all over the globe will be doing the same thing – every 60 seconds 54,000 links is shared; 317,000 Facebook statuses updated and 147,000 new photos uploaded.

Perhaps you are reading this before going to sleep, according to the “The Book of Odds” by William Morrow there is 1 in 3.6 odds an adult will use the Internet before going to bed.

Unlike you and all those other like you chained to their computers and smartphones right now, there are people who are suffering in this very moment.

According to Theworldcounts.com, every second a person dies of hunger.

As some of us end their life stories, others are just beginning their journey.

With each second that ticks by, around the world four babies are born.

While on this very second somewhere on the planet many are celebrating, organizing christenings and baby showers for their newborns, somewhere else people are getting hurt.

Just in the US, an American is accidentally injured every second and killed every three minutes by a preventable event – a drug overdose, a vehicle crash, a fall, a drowning or another preventable incident.

Somewhere right now a couple is having sex, but according to the “The Book of Odds” there is 1 in 4 odds that a woman enjoys sex only somewhat.

While some are currently having sex, others are on their first dates and there is 1 in 1.9 odds that a woman will kiss her partner on this date.

Probabilities are everywhere.

As one Quora user explains, weather stations use probability models for their forecasts, so you can determine if that picnic plan on Sunday was a good idea or not.

If you like playing cards, you better hope the odds are on your favor so you’ll have a good hand.

Insurance companies use a great amount of data to predict whether you’ll be fine or not for signing a contract, checking stats like age, gender, place where you live, etc. to paint a picture that can tell them whether you’ll actually need the insurance or not any time soon, and how much they should charge you for it.


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