I do not remember when it had happened exactly, perhaps a year ago – give or take few months.

I was lying on my couch watching youtube videos when I stumbled on a video by a funny Australian mate talking shit about vegans. I subscribed.

Isaac Butterfield a.k.a. Thebuttsmarn.

Every now and then I watch some of his videos and get a bit of a laugh.

Two days ago he intrigued me when he posted a newspaper clipping with the title „Melbourne Comedy festival performer Isaac Butterfield criticized for Holocaust remark“.

The Thebuttsmarn  added; „There are multiple false statements within this article and I will address shortly myself, on my channel, with my words and not through the Mainstream media“.

So i waited.

Today he posted a video titled „I’m Sorry…“, and when I clicked on it, first thing i saw was a sad-looking Isaac watching directly to the camera and saying: „I just like to take this opportunity to apologize, to say sorry to everyone I hurt…  

I was thinking like ….“hmmm, they have broken him…„ I expected a PewDiePie style video where Isaac will attack the dishonest media and when I heard him apologize, I was like: „What did he said? What was so bad that they were able to break him“.

To my relief, 20 second in the video, just after saying „I need to say that I am sorry“, one more time, Isaac changed his facial expression and added „IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT ME TO SAY!“.

He proceeded to rant how the mainstream media went on all out assault against him with the goal of discredit, deplatform, and destroy him, and I was like “OK, I got my PewDiePie style video“.

So, what happened?

Butterfield adressed the part of the article that provoked global controversy.

The article stated how he asked his audience at the Melbourne Comedy Festival in Australia to “imagine the joy of people when they heard the Jews were sent to the gas chambers.”

This is what the city’s Herald Sun newspaper reported, and the media around the globe ran that story.

However, Isaac was recording the show, and in his video he released today he showed what actually happened at the Festival.

Butterfield is famous for his „I hate vegans-jokes“, and he was on stage addressing how one vegan is sitting in the front row.

 „He told me I am vegan and proud off it. I thought If you got to know me, maybe you will change your mind on vegans forever… That’s so ridiculous that I’d change my mind just because I got to know him, Butterfield said in the joke.

That’s like a Jew in 1942 turning up at Auschwitz…”

Then he added: ’Anyway we gassed the cunt’ – meaning the vegan.

Turns out it’s a joke about vegans,’ Butterfield said on the YouTube video.

He slammed the reporter saying; „At least get your quotes right“.

He also stated that everyone laughed at the joke.

“Are you saying that those 3000 people are anti-Semites. I had a group of young Jewish kids, wearing their yarmulkes, and they asked me after the show, after I did that joke, to send a message to their schooling group, saying Mazel tov, congratulations and all that type od things. They asked me that after they heard this piece of humor, are they anti-Semites too? Or do they grasp the idea that IT WAS A JOKE.“, ranted  Butterfield.

However, Isaac admitted that he did say something that was horrible.

A Jewish woman who was in the audience wrote to the comedian after the show, and Butterfield replied to her with another shocking joke.

Sitting there hearing about Jews being gassed, eight million perished including children, watching family members being gassed or tortured or shot, is not remotely funny,” her email said, and Butterfield replied “If you can’t stand the heat get out of the oven.”

He apologised for that joke, saying how that was not the right move, and that he was in a hurry when he replied to the woman.

 „If I sad that on stage, as a heckle comeback, I think that would be absolutely fine, to say something horrible as that, because that is what happens on my show – shock humor, I enjoy shocking humor, but as the days passed after I sent that e-mail i  started to think to myself: „OK, that was not the right move to say that to a woman who just reached out with her point of view. Regardless if I agree with her point of view, that was i dick move“, said Butterfield and apologised.

He added how he doesn’t want to insult people, particularly „one on one“.

He also stated that he wants to be like Bill Burr, Jimmy Carr and George Carlin, and concluded that it is sad how he is the only comedian in Australia to be telling shock-comedy. setting himself up as a one-man crusader against the forces of political correctness.

I will not be censured, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is free speech, we should be able to make jokes about whatever the fuck we want“, said  Butterfield at the end, but we will see how will his ‘s war on political correctness end.

Perhaps he will be eaten alive, days of George Carlin are over, it seems. 

I’m Sorry…

This video is my apology for my offensive comments made last week. Live Shows – Join The Channel Now – www….


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