Funny internet discussions: Is Corey Feldman’s head transplanted?

Have you ever watched a movie starring Corey Feldman and just thought „Damn, this guy’s head looks to large for his tiny puny body!“

Well, you are not the only one, many have noticed.

Burried deep down under a bunch of unrelated comments, there is a comment thread on a certain Youtube video where some of the best and brightest minds have assembled to discuss the mystery of Corey Feldman’s weird physique.

It was Jolfer 13 who was started it all with an innocent question.

Jolfer 13: „Is it just me or does Corey Feldman look his head doesnt belong to his body?„

SneekiBreeki: „Yes!“

Randall Flagg: „Its a transplant, the real Corey died sometime around 2011, Charlie (Sheen) created this Frankenstein poser to boost his career once again…“

Thedragonlee76: „Corey Feldman is a small guy. On screen, small guys, unless their bodies look proportional to their body, they look weird. Stallone is not a tall guy and because his body is very muscular, he looks ok.“

Lrm3115!: „I thought that too. It almost looks like his head and face  are  “mixed” with someone else’s face.“

SergeTheBlerge: „He seems to have lost a lot of weight on a crash diet or something. That’s what happens when guys don’t do weights but solely weight loss. Doesn’t always look good.“

X X: „Corey’s had alot of plastic surgery“


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