Former Schalke footballer found alive after pronounced dead

Incredible scam is discovered in Germany – Hiannick Kamba, a former Schalke 04 footballer suddenly resurrected.

Former Congolese player, born in 1986, reportedly died 2016 in a motorcycle accident.

But according to new Bild information, Kamba is found alive and well in Germany in the Ruhr area.

He works as a chemist at a job he accepted at the end of his career.

This was discovered after his “widow” received payment from an insurance policy that included a death premium for a car accident.

Kamba allegedly “died” driving a motorcycle in Congo and his wife reportedly received just over half a million euros from insurance.

Kamba’s wife brought a Congolese death certificate to the German authorities and a funeral notice published in Congolese newspapers when making an insurance claim.

“Death was faked to get insurance money and he was pronounced dead in Congo,” Bild writes.

The Essen public prosecutor is now investigating the case as an insurance fraud.

Formal accusation is made, not against Kamba, but against his wife. She denies the crime.

What is curious is that Hiannick Kamba allegedly came to the German Embassy in Kinshasa in 2018 and explained that his reported death was not true.

“He said that he was traveling in the interior of the Congo and was left without papers, money, telephone, etc.,” said the chief prosecutor Anette Milk.

Kamba played with Manuel Neuer in Schalke’s juniors and scored one goal in 40 appearances. For Schalke’s second team, he had 19 appearances, but in the meantime he realized that he was more attracted to chemistry and money, writes Bild.

According to “Bild”, Kamba, who was considered a talented right-back in the mid-2000s, was finally allowed to move to his old home near Gelsenkirchen after a long investigation.

As crazy as the story may sound, according to the report, the investigators see no reason to doubt Kamba’s statements. And so the 33-year-old is now a witness in the trial against his ex-wife.

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