Finding nearest 24 hour emergency clinic

You suddenly start feeling tightness in your chest, shortness of breath, feeling confused, symptoms that you’ve never had before.

According to WebMD, all of those could be warning signs of a heart attack, stroke, or angina.

According to the American Heart Association, approximately every 40 seconds an American will have a heart attack, and  in such cases calling 911 or heading to the nearest emergency room is often your safest course.

This is just hypothetical scenario that could represent an emergency in which time is of the utmost importance.

Other possible scenarios could be;

–              You are talking with your father and his speech suddenly slurs

–              Your usually energetic mother complains of fatigue and mysterious arm pains

–              Your allergic friend just got stung by a bee.

In such situations, first thing that comes to mind is how to find nearest 24 hour emergency clinic.

One of the best ways is using Google.

Just type into Google „nearest 24 hour emergency clinic“ and if a location on your smartphone is turned on, Google will offer you a list of all open clinics in your area, combined with their phone numbers and reviews.

For example this is a Google map with clinics in New York, all I had to do is ask Google about „nearest 24 hour emergency clinic“ and Google gave me a list with all the clinics in vicinity.

Free medical advice hotline

It could be that you are feeling unwell, but you are unsure whether you should go to the emergency clinic. In that case you could use free phone counseling.

Research Medical Center provides to the public free of charge—a free nurse hotline for uninsured, insured, no insurance, etc.

You can reach a registered nurse 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by calling (816) 276- 6405.

Questions that their nurses can answer for you might include:

–              I hit my head; do I need to see my doctor?

–              How do I know if this mole needs to be looked at?

–              Am I drinking enough water?

–              My child has a fever and cough! What do I do?

Or you can use an Internet service like

This website lets you type in your symptoms, insurance and your address and then gives you a list of emergency rooms, urgent care facilities and convenient care clinics you can use.

Finding walk-in clinics

Although many people think that the emergency room is their only option because it is open 24 hours, walk-in clinics offer a more affordable and convenient option for patients who need immediate care for non-life-threatening conditions.

As FastMed explains, the emergency room is intended for life-threatening situations, which means that patients with serious injuries or illnesses are treated first. Because of this, other patients often have wait times exceeding 2 hours and can incur expensive medical bills afterwards.

To find a walk-in clinic near you, just use Google, type in „walk-in clinic near me“ and check for results.

Finding free clinic near you

If you have no money, you can still get healthcare. lets you to click on your state, choose your city and look for affordable and free clinics near you.

As they say, is largest online directory of free and affordable health clinics in United States. Most clinics listed in their database receive federal grants, state subsidies, or are owned and operated by non-profit organizations and provide services that are either free or at a reduced rate.

You can search HERE to find a free clinic in your community.

Finding community health center near you

Another option you have is visiting community health center.

Sometimes called a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), these are government-run clinics that offer services on a sliding scale. Sometimes, this even means that care is at no-cost. These FQHCs include community health centers, migrant health centers, county health departments, and homeless shelter health centers. They exist so that those who are uninsured and would be otherwise unable to access care have a place to go. At a FQHC, what you pay will be based on your income level.

You can search HERE to find a community health center close to you.

Are free clinics really free?

Some independent, volunteer-run free clinics really are free. However, most “free clinics” and all FQHC’s operate using a sliding scale for payment. So, they will be free to use for some. Others, though, may pay a small fee for care.

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