Fight for digital refugees: Pocketnet claims “We are the future, don’t put your trust in centralized platforms”

Shares of Twitter sank more than 10% on Monday after the social media company permanently banned President Donald Trump from the platform late last week, which led to his diehards leaving Twitter as well.

As Trump’s supporters desert mainstream social media and look for new social media platforms – many are trying to profit from the „great exodus“.

Parler tried to establish itself as a place for digital refugees, but the Big Tech, (Apple Inc., Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google) took steps to boot Parler at a time this social-media app and website had great growth in popularity.

Another mainstream social media competitor tries to attract new customers by poking fun at Twitter, Gab’s Twitter account is very active in the past few days.

„Twitter lost $4 Billion today. LOL“, tweeted, after boasting that it had 40 million visits this week.

Today, Pocketnet subscribers got an email in which the platform ask them to spread the word about this network.

„Pocketnet is a project that will matter for decades ahead for us to keep freedom of communication. Hello Pocketpeople! The reason we started this project almost three years ago and put in sleepless nights, weekends and our own money, is that we knew that this day was coming. Many people did not understand why we needed to build such a complex decentralized blockchain system (the only one of its kind) when it takes a few weeks to spin up any kind of a centralized social network nowadays. Well, the reason we did all that is decentralization and now it is clear that this is the only way to go. That is why we are still in beta, because the project is immensely complex and we need to get everything just right. But soon Pocketnet is coming out of beta. And decentralization means that the whole network is ran by users and cannot be shut down. We are very close to coming out of beta. Pocketnet is a project that will matter for decades ahead for us to keep freedom of communication“, e-mail stated.

The Pocketnet team urged their subscribers to get the word out about Pocketnet.

„It does not depend on websites, DNS resolution, Amazon (or any other servers for that matter)… This is the time to get the word out about Pocketnet. Go to all social media groups, and tell them about it. Especially those who put their trust in centralized platforms like Gab, Parler, Telegram. Centralization =vulnerability, they will lose all their work on those platforms and there is no privacy protection either“, warned Pocketnet, adding that their platform will work as long as there are at least a few people in the world running nodes.

Pocketnet, Gab, Parler, all of these platforms are currently more conservative when it comes to their userbase – they are mostly populated with Trump supporters who migrated from mainstream networks and together with sites like 4chan, and Ruqqus, now make a backbone of a new TrumpNet.