Decentralized alternative to YouTube promises significantly more earnings for creators

Pocketnet which brings the foundations of Bitcoin to the world of social media platforms is aiming to become decentralized alternative to YouTube.

Pocketnet Team just announced release of „Pocketnet Video“ with a special PKOIN cryptocurrency incentive program for vloggers.

„Every 10K views with a minimum of 500 five-star ratings will bring the author of the video an automatic reward in PKOIN equivalent to 1,000 USDT“, the Pocketnet team announced today.

Thus, a successful former youtuber could earn significantly more on Pocketnet.

Pocketnet is a platform like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube but minus the censorship and it’s built on a Bitcoin-like foundation with an energy-efficient proof-of-stake consensus.

The network sits atop fully autonomous, decentralized nodes, and Pocketcoin, the native token, helps facilitate this censorship resistance.

Pocketnet: First Fully Decentralized Social Network on Blockchain

A Revolutionary anti-censorship decentralized publishing and social platform. Based on the blockchain technology, it runs on a set of computers around the world, not controlled by any single entity. Self-policed by users with good reputation where nobody records your keystrokes, viewing habits or searches.