Croatian Chief State Prosecutor Resigned After arrests of journalists who were writing negative stories about Freemasonry

Despite the efforts of Freemasonry in the 21st century to open up their organisation to the public with the aim to convince the people that it should not be seen as a mysterious and clandestine affair, Freemasons are still often accused of everything from conspiring to rule over the world to practicing sexual deviancy or engaging in occult rituals.

However, stories about them rarely appear in mainstream media until a couple of days ago when a scandal appeared in the Croatian media which escalated quickly as more and more influential people get accused of being members of the Freemason organisation.

Series of events which started with the arrest of several Croatian journalists and culminated with the resignation of Dražen Jelenić, Croatian Chief State Prosecutor.

He is accused of influencing the investigation against journalists who were writing negative stories about his colleague Freemason Nikica Gabrić, a world-famous Croatian eye doctor.

Everything started when several Croatian journalists from the Croatian website and magazine 7Dnevno were arrested (Mark Cigoj, editor in chief, Vuk Radić, a journalist and apparently also a mason himself, and Marija Dekanić, the owner).

The official reason for their arrest was that they were attempting to extort Nikica Gabrić, by threatening him that they’d publish information about him being a Freemason unless he purchased a large amount of advertising from their publication.

Gabrić claimed that he didn’t care if the public was aware that he was a member and a master of a Freemason lodge in Zagreb, but he wanted to protect the other members who were not financially independent, so he reported it all to law enforcement.

Mark Cigoj, one of the arrested journalists, make a counterclaim. He argued that he and his colleagues were arrested as an act of Gabrić’s revenge for him refusing to join Gabrić’s lodge previously. Arrested journalists denied all claims that they were trying to extort and blackmail Gabrić.

After the journalists were arrested, Croatian “Nacional weekly” reported in their printed edition that Dražen Jelenić, Croatian Chief State Prosecutor, was also a Freemason.

Journalists claimed that this fact puts him in direct conflict of interest.

After that, freemasons started to appear on the front pages of newspapers in Croatia.

Famous eye doctor Gabrić, the man around whom whole scandal revolved, said publicly that Croatian Chief State Prosecutor Jelenić tried to blackmail him, while the prosecutor responded Gabrić was the one who contacted him and tried to influence the investigation against the journalists.

Both of the Freemasons are adamant that they have evidence to support their claims.

It seems that Croatian Chief State Prosecutor exchanged text messages with Gabrić while his Prosecutor’s Office conducted the investigation against journalists who were writing negative stories about his fellow mason.

Croatian media published transcripts of messages between Jelenić and Gabrić revealing that Gabrić complained to the Chief State Prosecutor about possible release of journalists after their arrest.

After the scandal broke down, Jelenić caved to the pressure and announced he would step down.

“In the last days, insinuations surfaced in the public about my membership in a masonic lodge. My membership in this, perfectly legal, organisation has not in any way affected my duties. However, the slander has made it impossible for me to perform my duty as chief state prosecutor. I estimated that, in these circumstances, the only moral and responsible solution was for me to resign my post,” Jelenić said in a press release.

This scandal put the Freemasons into the public spotlight, most Croatian media started reporting about Freemasons.

Website even acquired and published secret masonic yearly publication (for members eyes only) but the scoop was a disappointment for all those who expected some masonic convoluted schemes how to rule the world – most articles in this secret masonic magazine were written in style of self-help magazines, with exception of some short informative articles about meetings and regular activities of the membership.

Listening to the people around me, it seems to me that most of them believe that one billion things need to be matched to make them happy. Contrary to such thinking, happy people live in the circumstances they currently find themselves and adjust their attitudes to the circumstances . Every day has a spark of joy and a small pack of happiness, only if we look enough into it, “ wrote Hrvoje Kolarić, Grand Master, of the Croatian Grand Lodge „Pillar of Beauty“.

Another article in this secret masonic publication is written by doctor Gabrić who found himself in the center of the recent scandal.

Earth as a planet in our own galaxy represents less than a grain of sand in the Sahara or a drop of water in the Pacific Ocean, and the human individual is just an atom in that grain of sand. This need for the individual to prove to himself and to others his importance and uncritical consideration of his own significance and value, has led many to emphasize differences rather than similarities with other people. (…) Through their cooperation they amplify the enlightenment of all human beings that on the planet Earth we are all children of God, regardless of differences between us, and that these differences are precisely the wealth God has given us, as differences between flowers add to the beauty of the whole garden, and differences between people contribute the beauty and richness of our common earth garden, ” wrote Gabrić.

Although secret masonic publication reveals something about the views of Freemasonry in Croatia, there is nothing incriminating in the paper.

Members of the Freemasonry in Croatia claim that their activities are completely legal, and the narrative is that the recent scandal is just caused by carelessness in doing things by a couple of individuals, something that should be viewed as an isolated incident, unrelated to their involvement in the masonic order.

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