Africans are stealing from Trump

Eight years after Donald Trump started spreading the so-called birther conspiracy about then President of the United States Barack Obama, history repeats Itself, but on another continent. In the manner of Trump, who in March 2011, during an interview on Good Morning America, said that he was a “little” skeptical of Obama’s citizenship, and that … Read moreAfricans are stealing from Trump

On Nationalism by Danilo Kiš, 1973

Nationalism is first and foremost paranoia. Collective and individual paranoia. As collective paranoia it results from envy and fear, and most of all from the loss of individual consciousness; this collective paranoia is therefore simply an accumulation of individual paranoias at the pitch of paroxysm. If, in the framework of a social order, an individual is … Read moreOn Nationalism by Danilo Kiš, 1973

Wall of silence

News that Dragan Bursać, a Bosnian-Herzegovinian journalist living and working in Banja Luka, received the prestigious “European Press Prize 2018” award, also called “the European Pulitzer”, was mainly unnoticed by news media organizations in his hometown. This wall of silence was also accepted by the vast majority of other media outlets in Republika Srpska, one … Read moreWall of silence

Kate Smith Controversy! Should you separate the artist from the art?

So I was just googling, minding my own business, when I stumbled on a news that someone wants to ban famous ‘God Bless America’ rendition over singer’s Kate Smith racist past. I was like “who is Kate Smith”? Call me illiterate, I am. I know the song, but didn’t know who is the singer, and … Read moreKate Smith Controversy! Should you separate the artist from the art?