Book recommendations for escapists

At the beginning of 2021, Reedsy subscribers got an email with book recommendations for those who are longing for escapism and some getaway from harsh reality.

As they said, immersing yourself in literary worlds far away from your own is the best thing to do if it’s escapism you’re looking for.

These are Reedsy‘s book recommendations for escapists.

Centricity by Nathaniel Henderson is a spy-fi cyberpunk thriller that centers on an intriguing cast of characters — including a once-great immersion hacker and an intelligence operative with a knack for mediation. Marvellous world-building and an action-packed plot makes this the perfect read for fans of Blade Runner and Snow Crash. With a spot on reviewer Lauren Stoolfire’s list of her favorite books of 2020, this imaginative sci-fi debut is not to be missed. 

 In When the Sleeping Dead Still Talk, the sequel to Jennifer Anne Gordon’s From Daylight to Madness, readers are reintroduced to Francis, the enigmatic priest who resides at the equally mysterious hotel on Dagger Island. This Gothic horror novel explores Francis’ fractured psyche after a shocking incident changes his life forever. Only one thing is true in this nightmarish novel: you can’t trust anyone or anything, not even your own mind…

Jonathan D. C.’s epic fantasy Synchro: Gods, Kings and Warriors — a coming of age tale set in a world where mortals can attain godlike power — follows a young prince who grapples with the responsibility of his birthright and his emerging powers. In this first volume of D. C.’s debut series, the magical world of five rival kingdoms is explored in great detail, setting the stage for future installments. 

Finally, don’t miss Morgan Matthews’s The Child Wore Pearls, a clever and unpredictable YA thriller about a teenage girl compelled to uncover the secrets of her mother’s past — and the reason for their strained relationship.