Belle Delphine: „THIS is what Capitalism rewards“

Someone posted a photo of Belle Delphine on 4chan today with a title „THIS is what Capitalism rewards.“

Soon, a fierce debate ensued.

Someone was claiming that the original poster is just a paid agent of Belle Delphine, that the post is just an elaborate ruse to prompt up her popularity.

Others were showing genuine disgust with the fact that there is a girl somewhere out there making a ton of money just by posting photos of herself online.

They were attacked by those who accused them of being „broke as f**k“ and envious at the simps who have enough money to donate to Belle.

Most represented group were those people who defended the „free market“.

„If a girl is providing a service for which people are willing to pay for it then so be it.“

The point is that everyone can spend their money as they wish.

If someone wants to invest it further – let him. If he wants to keep it under the mattress – let him.

If he wants to keep it in the bank and live off of the interest – let him.

If he wants to give it to the poor – let him. If he wants to give it to Belle Delphine – let him.

Long after communism was decisively defeated, some still have the crazy idea that we should all be equal.

How is it that, decades after communist dictatorships fell apart, people still have wet dreams of “redistribution of goods”?

In capitalism people can do whatever they want with their money.

If someone wants to wipe his ass with his dollars – who the hell are you to tell him not to do it?!

It is the “neoliberals” and the “extremely rich” who are responsible for the fact that there are fewer and fewer poor people in the world.

It is they, who are called out the most, who donate and give the most.

Venezuela is a country of equality. The USA is a country of neoliberal capitalism.

Guess who is donating more?

And where do people live better?

Who do you think has donated more in their lives?

Some bum who has no money for beer and is bitter at Belle Delphine’s of the world, or Belle Delphine herself?

People do not realize that the ideas of socialism are insane and meaningless.

Why? Imagine you are on the street. You are eating pizza. You ate halfway and the policeman comes. He takes your half away from you and gives it to a beggar who hasn’t eaten in two days.

You are still hungry. But in the opinion of the system, you had enough.

Although it sounds extreme, this is socialism in practice. This is the “redistribution of goods.”

It means equality in poverty.

This is what those who are advocating for socialism do not understand.

In their system, no one would be rich. No one would have anything. They would all be economically equal, but equally poor.

We need to understand that it is not fair for everyone to have the same things. Not everyone is equally capable.

Belle Delphine figured out how to get money out of an army of simps and there is nothing wrong with that. You can also do that if you are capable enough.

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