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Backlash: Marvel’s New Warriors „look like they were designed by 4chan artists in order to parody tumblr character design“

After Marvel introduced new set of heros – all members of Generation Z – heroes like Snowflake, Screentime, Safespace, netizens were left shocked.

Among new heroes such are psychic twins Snowflake and Safespace, out of which one can materialize snowflake-shaped shuriken projectiles for throwing while the other can materialize pink forcefields, there is also a meme-obsessed super teen Screentime whose brain became connected to the internet after becoming exposed to his grandfather’s “experimental internet gas”.

They were welcomed by Internet users with jaw dropping disbelief.

Official video trailer for the „The New Warriors“ was heavily disliked on Youtube, over 170 thousands users disliked the video.

One of the writers Daniel Kibblesmith said they wanted „to have teen characters who “felt as “now” as the New Warriors did in 1990…“, but many on the internet pointed out that these heroes kind of feel like a stereotype given to Millenials and members of Generation Z.

As Twitter user Tarantula Muldoon said; „The New Warriors comic is not looking good. It’s looking like it’s gonna be a matter of old, very conservative, very racist dudes pretending they know how to write for and about people they desperately hate“.

Many shared similar opinions.

These are some of the comments from the Internet about a new line of Marvel heroes.

  • „They sound like really unimaginative Pokemon names, if anything“
  • “Probably huffed a lot of internet gas before making these characters.”
  • „The goal isn’t to make money anymore, it’s to proselytize their Church of Social Justice“
  • „Either this is a parody or they’re banking on people hate-buying this series for Youtube reviews“
  • „Oh absolutely they’re baking on hate-buys. Frankly the people who review these idiotic comics are just making it worse“
  • „They look like they were designed by fucking 4chan artists in order to parody tumblr character design“.
  • „I think I get it. Tired of being mocked for shitty SJW-infused comics, Marvel has decided to make something so absurd, such a joke, that it is beyond parody and satire. You can’t mock it, because it has reached Maximum SJW, and there is no room left to exaggerate how terrible it is for humor. You can only stare in stunned silence and admit that Marvel has won the culture war. Pack it in, folks, it’s over.“
  • „I used to want to work in comics, but I didn’t think I’d ever make it so I gave up on that dream. If a time traveler had shown my 17 year old self some modern comics put out by the big 2, this included, I’d never have let go of my aspirations. I can’t be worse than the people who made this“.
  • „So let me get this straight: For Marvel’s New Warriors we have:

– A morbidly obese girl with a magic backpack

– The stereotypical asian nerd

– Snowflake& Safespace, the incestuous non-binary couple with they/them pronouns wearing fetish gear

– A vampire boy with fantasy HIV“.

  • „The biggest problem about this… Ideally, they’re not bad in terms for character power concepts if we stripped away the culture references and clear left-leaning motive. Change their names and god-awful characters and you could have something interesting. I could easily change these characters into interesting concepts“.

NEW WARRIORS Trailer | Marvel Comics

Night Thrasher reunites with Firestar, Rage, Speedball, Namorita and Silhouette to mentor a whole new generation of heroes…whether they like it or not. Intro…

„It’s as if they are making fun of woke culture, then after watching a bit of the video it sounds confirmed it’s making fun of woke culture but keep looking deeper into it and at some point finding out they aren’t self aware just makes it more funny“, commented someone on Youtube.

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