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Although WaPo glorified ISIS chief there is no ad boycott of the paper

Except for being trolled on the Internet for glorifying Islamic state chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi after he died, it seems that Washington Post recieved no financial backlash for this move, which is kind of ironic as WaPo was the newspapier that together with Wall Street Journal ignited Youtube Adpocalypse of 2017 which left many small creators out of their income.

Let’s remind everyone that on Oct. 27, 2019 „The Washington Post“ called al-Baghdadi an “austere religious scholar” in an initial headline for his obituary.

Screenshots of this obituary headline were widely shared on social media along with criticism of the news outlet, and WaPo quickly changed the headline to “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, extremist leader of Islamic State, dies at 48”.

Even though Washington Post glorified ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in its obituary that  stood on their website for about two hours before being changed, it seems that no advertisers ditched WaPo after this.

There is no news about major advertiser exoduses from „The Washington Post“, there is no news saying that companies like Coca-Cola and Amazon are pulling their ads from WaPo, despite these companies reacted differently back in 2017, when WaPo and other news outlets fueled the crisis on Youtube by claiming that advertisers ads where being showed on, “white supremacist content and other racially-charged videos“.

Many were saying that the article published in 2017 by Wapo and WSJ about PewDiePie took his content out of context. That article was one of the first media hit pieces on Youtube in 2017.

Negatice media coverage about PewDiePie’s alleged racism, along with reports of ads appearing on terrorist content, eventually caused advertisers to flee the platform.

In response to the uproar, popularly called the “Adpocalypse,” Youtube introduced a vague new policy of automated demonetization to appease advertisers.

The effect of this was that smaller creators lost what little ad revenue they had, and many have not recovered yet. 

Besides that „The Washington Post“ played their part in the so-called “Vox Adpocalypse” which caused tightening of Youtube demonetization policy.

An article in The Washington Post was headlined: “A right-wing YouTuber hurled racist, homophobic taunts at a gay reporter. The company did nothing.”

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