Alex Jones was standing outside the Capitol yelling at people to stop. When Jones is the voice of reason…

„Alex Jones was standing outside the Capitol yelling at people to stop. When Alex Jones is the voice of reason, I think its fair to say that people to storm the Capitol are not representative of the 75 millions of American who voted for Donald Trump“, poented Ben Shapiro in his latest show.

He argued that the scene with Alex Jones is indicative of how outlandish, and how out of the mainstream are the people who stormed the Capitol.

Shapiro drew this parallel arguing that actions of the crowd shouldn’t be a justification for political censorship and purge of conservatives.

When it comes to Alex Jones and him trying to stop the rioters he published video evidence showing him telling rioters to stop, after The Wall Street Journal accused him of cheering on the mob.

WSJ had to retract a claim Alex Jones commanded attack on US Capitol.

„The conspiracy theorists Alex Jones urged Trump supporters not to attack police and to move to the east side of the Capitol. An earlier version of this article incorrectly said Mr. Jones urged rioters attacking the Capitol to move forward,“  Wall Street Journal wrote in a retraction.

WSJ Retracts Claim Alex Jones Commanded Attack on US Capitol

Alex Jones and Owen Shroyer break down the news that the Wall Street Journal actually admitted to making false claims about Alex Jones, and clarified that he was calling for peaceful action and attempting to lead the agitated crowd around the Capitol. The Big Tech purge is here!