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A social worker from Chicago wants everyone to see a video of cops making her stand in front of them naked. This is why!

Ms. Anjanette Young is a social worker in Chicago, and on February, 22nd of 2019, her house was raided by police, by mistake. And that ain’t even the worst part.

Ms. Anjanette had just gotten home from work and, like anyone else would do, she started undressing. All of a sudden something hits the door of her house very loudly. Then it hits again, and again, and suddenly 12 male police officers barge into her house and handcuff her.

It all happened so fast, she didn’t even have time to put on clothes.

She was completely naked.

After they got her in handcuffs the officers start searching her home and one tries to cover her with a small jacket, that doesn’t cover her at all.

In the video she can be seen crying and saying:

My name is Anjanette Young. What is going on?

Eventually one of the officers covers her in a blanket. But the blanket keeps sliding open as she has her hands cuffed behind her back and can’t hold it in place.

The officers just stand there, without covering her, until moments later, one of them, who had his face covered, helped her by holding the blanket in place.

Then she asks:

You need to tell me what your looking for. What are you looking for?

She tried to tell them 43 times, that they were in the wrong house. But they wouldn’t listen.

She screams at the sergeant:

I’ve been living here for four years and nobody lives here but me.

The sergeant answers:

Okay. Okay. You don’t have to shout.

She rightfully answers back:

I don’t have to shout? This is fucking ridiculous! You’ve got me in handcuffs. I’m naked and you kicked my house in! And I keep telling you, you’ve got the wrong place.

After a while they allowed her to go to her room and get dressed, but they still kept her in handcuffs.

She keeps telling them that she is innocent and a law abiding citizen and then the sergeant asked the officer who got the warrant to step outside, and once they do, they shut their cameras off.

Moments later the sergeant goes back inside and tells Ms. Anjanette:

We believe your story.

And then he tries to fix the door in order for her to be able to close it, but it’s too damaged to be repaired, so they decide to use an ironing board to keep it shut.

Apparently police took the word of an informant that a man had a gun and ammunition in that apartment, instead of researching it first.

The apartment the police were looking for was in the same complex, and the man that lived there was awaiting trial on home confinement.

And it would have been so simple to get to his house… as since he was in home confinement he had a electronic monitoring bracelet which has a tracking device that the police can access.

In December 2020, lawyers for the mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, filed an emergency motion in court to try and stop the footage of the raid being made public, after CBS2-TV managed to get a hold of the footage.

Unfortunately for them, the judge rejected their bid to suppress the footage, and CBS2-TV broadcast it along with an interview with Ms. Anjanette herself.

She wants the world to see this, and so, if you want to see it, here it is:

Body Camera Video Shows Police Handcuff Innocent, Naked Woman During Wrong Raid

For the first time, police body camera video reveals what an innocent woman said happened to her nearly two years ago: police officers wrongly entered her ho…

“The officers that did this need to be held accountable, to say that this is not right and they should not do that in the line of their work. That’s not what police officers are supposed to do”, said Young.

“To have my home invaded the way it was for over 40 minutes to have to deal with police officers yelling at me, pointing guns at me, telling me to calm down, making me stand in front of them naked, putting handcuffs on me while I was naked, no one should have to experience that. They didn’t serve me, they didn’t protect me, they didn’t care about me”, she pointed out.