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A mathematician named Harry Lear claims that the value of Pi is wrong and has corrected it (VIDEO)

A mathematician named Harry Lear claims that the value of Pi is wrong and has corrected it.

Instead Pi being 3.141592654…, Mr. Lear claims the correct value of Pi is 3.144605511…

He publishes his work on his blog Measuring Pi Squaring Phi.

As someone explained, Mr. Lear got a fancy CNC machine and used it to cut a circle 1 meter in diameter.

He got a measuring tape and showed us on camera that the circle did indeed have 1-meter diameter wherever he measured it. Then he wrapped the tape around the circle, and lo and behold, the measuring tape cannot close the full circle at 3.1416 meter! It closed at 3.1446 meter!

Pi Video Diam Brand

Pi Video Diam

However, mathematician Jason Zhang was quick to point out that Lear was wrong in his calculations, adding that Lear didn’t take into consideration that measuring tape has thickness.

When you wrapped the tape around the circle, the outer marking of the tape will not close until it forms a larger circle with a diameter that contains the gap, 2 times the thickness of the tape in addition to the original 1 meter. You will calculate a value greater than Pi if you continue to assume the diameter of 1 meter. Let take Lear’s value of 3.1446m and find the diameter using the actual value of Pi. We get a diameter of 1.00096m. So the tape plus the gap is around 0.5mm thick, which is very reasonable”, commented Zhang, after watching Mr. Lear’s video in which he “proved” Pi=3.1446…

Zhang added that Mr. Lear should use his CNC machine to cut a circular hole of 1m in diameter and measure the circumference of the hole with tape again.

You will find the value of Pi to be slightly less than 3.14159… if you do so”, explained Zhang.

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